When drummer Ryan Parrish and bassist Paul “Dr. Guitar” Burnette quit DARKEST HOUR, one of the first things they did was team up with some old friends from MUNICIPAL WASTE: guitarist Phil “Landphil” Hall and vocalist Tony Foresta.

The result is fucking awesome. Super concise and pointed thrashy punk, marked by the distinct talents and abilities each member is known all over the world for. Lyrically, the band ventures beyond themes explored in their affiliated pedigree, as IRON REAGAN delves deep into intensely personal and political content. “Drop the Gun,” “Two Examples,” “Bodies,” and “Insanity Plea(se)?” offer topical takes on contemporary issues such as gun control and reproductive rights. Meanwhile, tracks like “A Joke A Fraud A Fake” and “I Predict the Death of Harold Camping” are venomous odes with offending targets both clear in the sights and subsequently torn new ones via lyrical content.

Worse Than Dead is a true 19-song rager in the firm tradition of great thrashy punk past, present, and future.

Mp3: “Cycle of Violence”

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Track List:
01. Drop the Gun
02. Slightly Out of Focus
03. I Predict the Death of Harold Camping
04. Cycle of Violence
05. Eyes Piss Tears
06. Insanity Plea(se)?
07. A Joke A Fraud A Fake
08. Rats in a Cage
09. We Know You’re Hiding
10. Paycheck
11. Midlothian Murder Mile
12. The Debt Collector
13. I Ripped that Testament a New Asshole (Instrumental)
14. Bodies
15. Eat Shit and Live
16. Two Examples
17. Snake Chopper
18. Warp Your Mind

CD issued March 19, 2013

LP available from A389 Recordings