On August 25, 2013, the world lost a good soul in the human form of Christopher Friedrich, who passed away unexpectedly that afternoon. In the years he was with us, many had the privilege of meeting and knowing him personally, while even more got to know him via his wonderful music in the band CASPIAN. Ever since encountering Chris and his mates early on in both band’s lives, the true bonds of friendship, love, and respect between CASPIAN and THIS WILL DESTROY YOU have run strong throughout the years, now even stronger after having lost such an important member of the extended family.

Sadly and tragically, Chris also leaves behind his widow Nadia Hajjar, whom he had just married four months before his passing. We can not fathom what Nadia must be enduring to go from such pure elation and happiness to completely having the world fall out from under her feet in such a sudden and unforgiving chain of events.

To assist in a time of such devastation, the families of Christopher Friedrich and Nadia Hajjar have established The Christopher Friedrich Memorial Fund. Anyone reading this can contribute directly here:


To help in our own way, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU and Magic Bullet Records are currently offering the non-album song “Their Celebrations” to the public in exchange for donations to the fund. All proceeds from the sale of this track will benefit Nadia Hajjar in the wake of her loss.

The track can streamed and downloaded here:


Thank you for considering. Thank you for listening.

Digital issued October 15, 2013 

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