mbl175Alert the media: Florida Man has finally started a band as reckless and completely fucked as the headlines we’ve all come to know, love, and fear.

MEATWOUND is a band comprised of former members of Combatwoundedveteran, The Holy Mountain, Headless Dogs, Primate Research, and more. Impossibly dangerous and hardcore as shit, a thundering concoction of 1990s influences drive the MEATWOUND sound; a magnetic gutter wherein the pentatonic, industrialized elements of Fudge Tunnel and Godflesh meet a sordid death metal edge meshing Sepultura and Exit-13, all while a throbbing Big Black-style of hardcore punk gets a scuzzy sci-fi kick in the nuts that harkens The Locust. It’s beyond aggressive, it’s as unruly as a pet store on fire, and, like Warchild from “Point Break,” it’s here to fuck you up.

Addio, MEATWOUND‘s debut, was recorded with Dan Byer at Rock Garden Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and features the twisted artwork of Chris Norris, aka Steak Mtn.

The album hits record stores everywhere on CD and LP formats July 24, 2015. The digital release is available July 17.

Track List:

01. In Toilet
02. Goliath
03. Funeral State
04. Hand of God
05. Meat Pack
06. I Am Transgressor

Digital issued April 17, 2015
CD | LP issued April 24, 2015

LP pressing info:
- First Press: Red, Black

CD: 8-56645-00358-2
LP: 8-56645-00357-5