mbl194Deathkamp ov the Skull + Funeral Embrace combines THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA’s two most recent 7” releases onto convenient CD and digital formats.

The first three tracks on the disc comprise Deathkamp ov the Skull, with the title track itself annihilating all prior expectations of the band. The song alone is nearly eight minutes in length and finds the band exploring more of a slow, brooding heaviness before exploding into their familiar brand of evil thrash and unrelenting blasts of murderous musical napalm just past the five-minute mark. “First Blood Part II” keeps the pedal to the metal, not letting up once. From there, “TormentORR” answers the question “what happens when THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and INTEGRITY collaborate on a track?,” as INTEGRITY singer Dwid Hellion and guitarist Rob Orr leave indelible marks with their contributions.

The Funeral Embrace portion is five songs of what THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA is more traditionally known for: absolute violent mayhem, typically in doses of under two minutes at a time. “Amphetamine Psychosis” sounds exactly as fucked up and demented as it reads. “Serve the Cult” isn’t so much a call to action as it is a demand punishable by humanity’s annihilation. “Savage II” is pure nihilism put to tape; if you play this in front of small children, you are a bad person. “Into the Grave” and “Funeral Embrace” serve almost as a one-two punch about getting real about death and the fate of all men, women, and living things on the planet. It only ends one way, but hell be damned if the members of THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA aren’t going out with their hands around more than a few throats on the way out.

Track List:

01. Deathkamp ov the Skull
02. First Blood Part II
03. TormentORR
04. Amphetamine Psychosis
05. Serve the Cult
06. Savage II
07. Into the Grave
08. Funeral Embrace

CD issued August 21, 2015
Digital issued August 14, 2015

UPC: 8-56645-00364-3