MBL196Originally released only on vinyl in 2006, this was LOSER LIFE‘s first 7″ ever. 2016 marks the first time it is officially being issued digitally and for streaming.

Driven by the desperation and anxieties of their toxic living environment, Bakersfield, CA’s LOSER LIFE channeled those negativities and turned them into powerful bursts of melodic hardcore during their five years together.

Beginning in 2005, LOSER LIFE became the flagship band of the now-defunct Munoz Gym, releasing multiple EPs and LPs with the Going Underground, Magic Bullet, and Life’s A Rape labels, and completing multiple United States and European tours before their split in 2010.

Taking cues from HÜSKER DÜ, ARTICLES OF FAITH, and Thrasher Skate Rock compilations before them, LOSER LIFE managed to run these influences though a filter that could only come from a place like Bakersfield, giving them a different take on an old formula and making it their own.

Track List:
1.) Things Will Never Change
2.) It’s All Over

Digital issued November 11, 2016