mbl215-webThee Destroy +Orr is a 2011 compilation of INTEGRITY material written and performed exclusively by founding member DWID HELLION and multi-instrumentalist ROB ORR prior to the sessions for 2013’s Suicide Black Snake. It compiles the Detonate VVorlds Plague 12” EP, the VVe Are the End 7”, a split 7” with CREEPOUT, a split 7” with ROT IN HELL, and the Black Heksen Rise 7”, capped by an extended interview with Hellion and Orr that clocks in at over half an hour by itself.

Completely DIY in nature, every single song was recorded and every instrument was played by both members at Delta Black Jap Studios. Originally issued only on CD (and the various vinyl releases that comprise it), 2017 marks the first time that this collection has been offered via digital and streaming services.

Track List:

Detonate VVorlds Plague 12”
01.) Detonate VVorlds Plague
02.) Beasts as Gods
03.) Sermon Thirteen
04.) +Orrchida
05.) VVe Have Helped Others Escape
06.) All is None
07.) Lucifer Before the Day Doth Go
Split 7” with CREEPOUT
08.) Love is the Only Weapon/ Let the Night Roar
VVe Are the End 7”
09.) VVe Are the End / Beneath Black Flames VVe Ride
Black Heksen Rise 7”
10.) VVaiting for the Sun (Acoustic)
11.) VVaiting for the Sun (To Burn Out My Eyes) / Black Heksen Rise
12.) No Povver (ZOUO)
13.) Intervievv

Written and performed by +Orr & Dwid Hellion

Recorded at Delta Black Jap Studios

Digital issued 07/07/17

UPC: 1-91773-47598-7