mbl219Cellar Dweller is the second full-length album from enigmatic Austin, TX band IMPALERS. Once again ten songs in length, the band continues to perform a unique style of d-beat hardcore punk that is uniquely their own, somehow improving on their own proprietary formula with every outing.

Eschewing the traditional album PR and media campaigns employed by most contemporary bands at every level, IMPALERS are firm in letting the music speak for itself.

Cellar Dweller was released on July 7, 2017 on LP format via 540 Records and Static Shock Records. A cassette version was issued on 627 Tapes. As of this writing, all physical versions are currently available direct from the labels.

Track list:

01.) Secret Beach
02.) Electric Avenue
03.) Nazi Burning Man
04.) Variety
05.) Technology
06.) Nuclear Cabaret
07.) Day Tripper
08.) It’s So Hard
09.) Future Officer
10.) Cellar Dweller

Recorded/Performed by Mike Sharp & Chris Ulsh
Mixed/Mastered by Arthur Rizk
Cover Art by J.S. Aurelius
Insert by Mason Tucker

Digital issued: 07/25/17

UPC: 1-91773-54169-9