mbl224Originally issued in February of 2008 on CD format, Hesperus was the last proper album from Boston, Massachusetts stoner rock outfit 5IVE. Their swan song ended up being seven final tracks capturing the entirety of the band’s essence: extremely thick guitar balanced out with atmospheric noise elements and the type of steady, dynamic drums that should be the backbone of any desert drive ever. 5IVE were mastered of their craft and this was a hell of an album to go out on.

Personnel on Hesperus was Ben Carr on guitar and Charles Harold on drums.

The album was recorded at New Alliance in Boston, Massachusetts in April of 2007 and mastered in Brooklyn, New York by Andrew Schneider in May of 2007. Mastering was completed at New Alliance East.

Track list:

01.) Gulls
02.) Big Sea
03.) Kettle Cove
04.) Heel
05.) Polar 78
06.) News I
07.) News II

Digital issued: 09/22/17

UPC: 1-91773-58017-9