mbl231Split is comprised of the MAMMOTH GRINDER side of a split LP with fellow Austinites HATRED SURGE. The vinyl edition was originally issued on Valentine’s Day via Cyclopean Records (with a CD version issued in Germany the same year). This is the very first time that the songs are being offered to digital and streaming services worldwide.

Recorded in late 2010, these three songs captured MAMMOTH GRINDER almost fully transitioned into the style of death metal that they are currently known and regarded for. Swedish influences are strong, while dashes of VENOM also permeate the execution. Tempos are fluid without stepping on the overall devastating vibe of MAMMOTH GRINDER’s sound.

The lineup on this recording was Brian Boeckman on drums and Chris Ulsh on guitar and vocals.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jason Buntz at the Bubble in Austin, TX in June and October of 2010.

Artwork by Daniel Shaw

Track List:
01.) Pulverizer
02.) Societal Collapse
03.) Surveilled

Digital issued: October 23, 2017

UPC: 1-91773-65448-1