mbl233Why this happened:

“One Black King” is an updated version of a song from the Largo LP. Shannon had been filling in on drums for Leo while he was on tour with Merchandise and that song in particular had taken on a different feel from the original. So we went into the studio and recorded a new version of it. Rather than just singing the song again myself, I thought about getting old friend Matt from Reversal of Man/Light Yourself on Fire to take the lead on it. The song is about cats and who better than another 40 year old cat man to sing it. Besides the fact that Matt and his wife have trapped and neutered their own colony of ferals, Matt is one of my oldest friends and I liked the idea of reuniting with him on some new music almost 20 years since the first time we went on tour together.

“Burning Inside” came about after the dudes started playing a different Ministry song, “Stigmata,” at practice one night. About two years go by and we end up doing “Burning Inside” instead, partially because Leo liked the challenge of playing the same two parts for five minutes and partially because it was a little more exciting than “Stigmata.” Leo laid down his drums during a session for the third LP and Shannon came in later to fill it out. Knowing Matt’s love of Ministry, I asked him to do the chorus with me while he was there recording the other song. Mark and I then spent hours of studio time deciphering and manipulating tracks into the resulting mess.

- Daniel Wallace

Recorded by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio winter 2016-summer 2017
Tampa, FL USA

“One Black King:”
Ari Barros – Guitar
Daniel Wallace – Backing vocals
Mariano Iglesias – Bass
Matt Coplon – Lead vocals
Shannon Corr – Drums

“Burning Inside:”
Daniel Wallace – Vocals
Leo Suarez – Drums
Mariano Iglesias – Bass, guitar
Matt Coplon – Backing vocals
Shannon Corr – Drums

Digital issued: August 18, 2017

UPC: 1-91773-62410-1