mbl234Cleveland Power Violence is the sole full-length album from heavily lauded Midwestern maniacs APARTMENT 213. Sixteen songs in length, the album captures a perfect era in the band’s long-running career where their unique take on power violence and power electronics hit a sweet spot, all documented under the solid production skills of Cole “Slaw” Martinez at Conquistador Studios in 2006.

Thematically, the band keeps entirely within their ultra-violent, serial-killer inspired focus, this time ramping up the intensity via contributions from Eric Wood (MAN IS THE BASTARD) and summoning singer Steven Maketa’s alter-ego LOCKWELD. While adhering to the ultra fast and ultra slow dichotomy of the genre (exemplified by their peers in SPAZZ, CROSSED OUT, DESPISE YOU, et al), APARTMENT 213 found a way to make it their own through hook or by crook.

Long out of print, 2017 marks the first time that this album has been officially offered via all streaming and digital service providers worldwide.

Track list:

01.) Headache
02.) On Her 1st Birthday
03.) Severed
04.) Lockweld: Infection
05.) Cosmetic/Vanity
06.) Decay
07.) Bizarre and Brutal Crimes
08.) Wife Beater
09.) Sweetheart, This is Gonna Hurt
10.) Down Syndrome
11.) Whore Bruises
12.) BTK
13.) The Green River Killer
14.) After School 38 Special
15.) You Better Run
16.) Freak War

Tracks 1-3, 5-16 recorded and mixed by Cole “Slaw” Martinez at Conquistador Studios in Cleveland, Ohio
Track 4 recorded by Lockweld

Steve: vocals
Tony: bass
Jerry: guitar
Ron: drums

Backing vocals by Jim Fellahean and Matt Hemdale
Additional musician on “Freak War” collaboration: Eric Wood

Artwork by Tared Swenson

Digital issued: 11/10/17

UPC: 1-91773-84658-9