Now in the webstore: yet another repress of DOOMRIDERS‘ popular debut LP Black Thunder.

This time around, we ran two variations. First up is something we’re calling “THUNDERSTRUCK.” It’s basically like a deep bruise that turned black. The purples are deep, the blues are throbbing, and some skin peeks through here and there. Dark, dark, dark is the key here. Roughly 250 exist.

The second variation is “PURPLE HAZE.” It’s a lavender/light purple marbly melange of a color. Either way, it’s entirely based on the background haze of the front cover at that Jebb painted. I thought it would be really cool to have the record itself look like an extension of that since we never really had that before on this title. Again, about 250 of these exist.

Nerdiness: this is the first run of Black Thunder to feature standard white 1c1s board stock on the LP jacket. Previous runs all had clay-coated news back. If you care about this, you’re missing the fucking point and need to listen to more of your records instead of “collecting” them.

Copies of both variations are in the webstore now. The band also has some copies that you’ll be able to purchase at future shows.