Now in the webstore : DOOMRIDERS Black Thunder LP.

This is another awesome record that can’t ever seem to stop selling. In fact, our distributor has already almost sold through most of this pressing, so quantities for sale via the label are extremely limited. Better to act now if you’re wanting to snag any of these colors!

This time around, we’ve got the following vinyl colors:


All of these versions turned out rather incredible!

In terms of any differences from previous pressings, the jackets on this one one are standard board stock (previous pressings had clay or news back). Inserts are on white paper. Center labels remain unchanged.

Per usual,  we don’t release pressing numbers on our stuff, so please simply choose whichever color(s) you personally dig and please be sure to actually listen to your purchase.

Copies of this album are now available in the webstore.

Thanks for the support.