Eric Richter recently did a phone interview with Ray Harkins and Tom Mullen of the Washed Up Emo Podcast. During the ~67 minute conversation, Eric goes deep into the origins of his musical experiences both prior and during the heyday of CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE (on top of various other topics and tangents). The conversation does a great job in being both extremely real and ┬ácandid. And from a historical perspective, it’s a great conversation for younger people currently involved in creating “underground” music to hear.

The entire conversation can be streamed and/or downloaded from:

In related news, Eric recently played Noise Pop out in San Francisco with CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE. It was a ton of fun and easily the longest CFD set in history (13 songs!). Thanks to all who attended. We’re now in the process of transferring the old recordings into modern formats to continue the process of getting all CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE material back in print.

In the meantime, Eric continues to rehearse with new band HIGHNESS. Rounded out by Andy Buckalew, Brent Eyestone, Graham Scala (all ex-FORENSICS) and Ryan Parrish (ex-DARKEST HOUR), the band is currently working on their first album, due out sometime in 2012.