As a thank you to the overly-kind people who sent in some wonderful sentiments after the last post about FORENSICS calling it a day, I went back through all of the video people had sent me over the years and uploaded a live set from 2005 that I feel accurately represents the band both at its best and in the precise context that we initially strove for via the hard work we put in on the front end.

The year was 2005, we were on a great trip with friends who comprised two incredible bands (DOOMRIDERS, CAVE IN) and consistently playing rooms stuffed full of appreciative, open-minded people. We played the songs passionately and we had an absolute blast getting to spend time together on the stages and off. Just watching this clip… and seeing Santos’ uncompromising precision and intensity, Andy’s swaying groove, and George’s calm cool (accentuated with the occasional awesome youth crew jump or kick) takes me back to a warm, urgent time. In many ways, that era was the high water mark for what the band could be and I’ll always look back fondly at those days.

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past. On Friday, Andy and I will be doing this all one last time in Richmond, VA (see shows section) with Graham on guitar and Brad on drums. Both of those guys have logged the past few years of shows and recordings for the band and we’re all glad to have had our time as the final four members.

Come Saturday, Andy, Graham, and myself reunite with George and embark on an entirely new path alongside our friend Eric Richter. I sincerely hope that all who have been supportive of our individual and collective works of the past will continue on with this particular chapter in our musical journeys. I couldn’t be more excited. – Brent