Magic Bullet’s newest addition, Brooklyn’s GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, will be celebrating the release of their full-length MBR debut, Moondrifts, via a rare in-store performance on July 28, 2010 at the store here in Fredericksburg.

The event will be free to the public, all ages, and will kick off promptly at 5:00 PM sharp.  Additionally, new skate video footage will be shown for the first time anywhere.

GHASTLY CITY SLEEP features members of label alumni such as PG.99, YEARS, SUPPRESSION, YEARS, and MAJORITY RULE, along with friends DARKEST HOUR, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, GREGOR SAMSA, and so many more. The members have been around collectively and individually for well over a decade and will truly deliver something special on this fateful afternoon.

Magic Bullet Records & Skateboards is located at 604 Caroline St. in Fredericksburg, VA.  See you there.