In many ways, almost every facet of this release was cursed from start to finish. However, our headache now becomes your gain, as we’re offering the second pressing of GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s Moondrifts 2xLP for a paltry $8.99 ppd in the US.

Long story short: the center labels were originally run with CYAN ink when they should have been PMS 877 silver. There was also confusion at the plant as to which center label went on which side (A became C, B became D, and vice versa). So we were told to keep all the messed up copies and that new ones would be run. They were and, while the center label color was corrected, the placement was still off.

So now we’ve got tons of these damn records clogging up space over here… definitely more than immediate demand warrants. Our hope is that at $8.99, even the moderately curious will be motivated to check out this gorgeous record (both musically and aesthetically).

Please prove us right and snag your copy in the webstore today. Thanks.