These turned out absolutely perfect. The covers are CMYK offset printed with UV gloss flood. The inserts are offset CMYK and feature an exclusive painting that Charlie did using acrylic and mixed media on paper. There’s also a special essay that Charlie penned for his listeners, full of ecological advice to heed as we head into the days, weeks, and years to come. The end result is a rather focused, precise, powerful visual and intellectual presentation that is undeniable in purpose and meaning.

Musically, Air gives us all the rare opportunity to delve into the world of Charlie Manson on his own terms. No media filter, no third party agendas. All you need to do is simply drop the needle and close your eyes in order to be sucked headlong into the institutionalized lair of one of the most studied minds of the 20th and 21st centuries. You can HEAR the cramped ambience of the closed quarters that Charlie has called “home” for the last 40 years. It’s a trip that nobody else in the mass media has been willing to take or put forth for you to hear for yourself. Ultimately, it’s a testament that no true artist can ever be held down or silenced, no matter how hard you try to suppress or hide him/her from the public eye. It’s an honor to be able to break down all the walls that have been put in place to keep you from hearing Charlie as he’d like you to hear him. First press copies are dwindling fast, so act now if you want black or purple haze. ¬†They won’t last much longer (though a repress is coming).