You are looking at the third pressing of CHARLES MANSON‘s Air LP. There’s 300 copies and they are all on translucent RED vinyl.

It’s fantastic how supportive you guys have been out there and how fast these pressings are selling out. I’m already planning the next pressing given how fast the last one went (200 in a day!). We’re also working on another pressing of the CD version in new ecopak format (seems only right given how much we’re focusing on ecology with this series).

As if this new color isn’t enough good news, we’ve got even more in the form of yet another massive distro update. Yes, that means we have more imported MANSON FAMILY pic discs! You know the deal… limited to 500, impossible to get, etc. etc. Well, we have another handful of them for cheaper than anywhere else worldwide, so hop to it over in the webstore auxiliary.

Here’s the complete list of new distro items:

• BARONESS “First/Second” LP (Sealed)
• CAPSULE “S/T” LP (slime mold vinyl)
• DAYBREAK / GOSTOMPER “Split” LP (Sealed)
• DRAIN THE SKY “Haunted By Rivers” LP (ex-HIS HERO IS GONE!! Blue vinyl)
• EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE “Discography” LP (Clear vinyl. Entire release limited to 300)
• GET RAD “Say Fuck No to Rules, Man” LP (Sealed)
• INTER ARMA “Sundown” LP (Hiiiiiighly recommended Richmond metal brothers)
• ISIS “Panopticon” 2xLP (restock)
• MANSON FAMILY “The Family Jams” import picture disc LP
• THOU “Baton Rouge” LP
• TIDELAND “Asleep in the Graveyard” LP (Cream vinyl. George from pg.99/Forensics)
• ULTRA DOLPHINS “Why Are You Laugh?” LP (Sealed)
• ULTRA DOLPHINS “Mar” LP (Sealed)
• YOUNG WIDOWS “Live” LP (Cranberry vinyl. Only 500 made!!)

Check out the auxiliary here.