Earlier in the year, we released Laceration Points, the first proper full-length LP from MEDITATIVE SECT. Issued in a strict edition of 150 copies with hand-screened covers and hand-numbered labels (each with a unique doodle), the album is now SOLD OUT across all physical media. If you missed out, worry not – we’re now offering the recording free of charge as part of our upbeat year-end mood of goodwill.

You can claim your free album via this link:

For the uninitiated, MEDITATIVE SECT is a semi-annual gathering of Mike Haley, Graham Scala, Brent Eyestone, and Sean Connolly… ultimately culminating in the audio documentation of 4 friends locked into rooms containing piles of instruments, amplification, stimulants, depressants, and gadgets galore. The material is later edited down off-site and issued in small public batches for those looking for something a little different in their listening habits.

Laceration Points in particular captures an intense and focused experiment in both sound and mood, of which there is virtually no distinction upon playback.