My homie Julie Christmas and I have been talking for a while about getting together this rad children’s book together featuring all this cool art, accompanied by her musical talents. It’s all coming together well enough, but to fill the void between, we felt it would be completely awesome to issue this blunt object of an album on the listening public in glorious LP format.

This is The Ruiner, written and performed by MADE OUT OF BABIES, a band that Julie sings, screams, and bleeds for. From start to finish, it’s a goosebump-inducing thrill-ride… a satisfactory bludgeoning upon all things mundane and tranquil. I always liken it to how good it would feel to throw one’s enemies through drywall for 42 minutes.

All copies of the first press come on a purple-ish melange of different colors, no two alike.  Enjoy!