BEASTMILK: Magic Bullet Records Confirms Stateside Issues Of Two Early Releases

Sep 25 2014

SD7UoZEKbINKX5u56AooAGE5TtYAqKV-57Ybx8qdDVY(Source: Earsplit Compound)

As part of a swarm of new titles from Magic Bullet Records coming together for release over the coming months, the label is proud to announce the impending stateside issues of BEASTMILK’s Use Your Deluge EP and White Stains on Black Wax single.

Initially issued as a self-released cassette in 2010, which Fenriz of Darkthrone praised in his Band Of The Week features, several hundred copies of the White Stains on Black Tape demo tape sold out immediately. The strength of the material on White Stains on Black Tapegarnered the attention and appreciation of Finland’s Svart Records, who issued the songs on vinyl in 2011. In the years to follow, the 7” and tape became cult favorites amongst rabid underground music fans. Metal Hammer Germany wrote that “BEASTMILK sounds like the secret recording from a psychedelic mass, located stylistically between Roky Erickson, early Misfits, and The Devil’s Blood.”

Use Your Deluge was originally issued as a four-song 7” in 2012. Early discoverers of the EP were treated to the apocalyptic post punk brilliance that the rest of the world would come to clamor for a year later with the band’s Climax LP. The expanded fervor for Climax sent music fans worldwide in search of the band’s entire catalog, which depleted Svart’s stock of the Use Your Deluge and White Stains on Black Wax stock overnight. “Wicked…trippy…dreamy…and pretty fucking epic” said Rocknreelreviews about Use Your Deluge, and called it “downer death-rock, heavily indebted to the likes of early Christian Death and similar noctambulant cobweb-mongers.”

Rabid demand for both releases drove eBay activity through the roof, causing the band to enlist Svart and Magic Bullet Records to repress both EPs in efforts meet the sudden and increasing demand. Magic Bullet will release both Use Your Deluge and White Stains on Black Wax on colored vinyl and digital platforms for North American fans on October 14th, 2014, as well as a Black Friday edition of Use Your Deluge to follow.


White Stains on Black Wax Track Listing:
1. The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
2. Blood Under The Mill
3. Beastmilk
(program repeats on side B)


Use Your Deluge Track Listing:
1. Void Mother
2. Children of the Atom Bomb
3. Forever Animal
4. Red Majesty

WORMWOOD: Debut Album From Original Doomriders Members Nears October Release Via Magic Bullet

Sep 25 2014

webWormwood_Promo_Fin_1(Source: Earsplit Compound)

Magic Bullet Records will deliver one of the most corrosive sludge/doom releases of the year with the somewhat unexpected self-titled debut and incurably bleak and sinister awakening and introduction to the world of Boston’s newest heavy music titan, WORMWOOD.

In 2005, band members Chris Pupecki and Chris Bevilacqua represented one half of the progenitors of Black Thunder, the debut album from Northeast perennials, Doomriders. Pupecki played guitars and Bevilacqua handled drums. Nine years later, the duo have come back together to unleash a sound and a vision much, much farther out on the plains of annihilation than either had gone prior. Recorded 100% analog by Alex Garcia, you will simply not be hearing the sounds of Wormwood on Apple commercials, in romantic comedies, or overhead while walking through the mall. Song titles and lyrics like “Hollow Black Eyes” and “I’d Rather Die” obviously convey a very specific worldview and outlook. The sonic attack is harsh, the vocals are unapologetically negative, and it’s all destructively perfect as the needle digs in across the vinyl expanse of this stunning debut. If albums from Winter, Warhorse, -16-, Old Man Gloom and Graves At Sea frequent your habitual deafening, WORMWOOD should be next in line.

In the straight world, “wormwood” often describes a state (or even source, when describing the woody shrub of the same name) of bitterness and grief. In the metal underground, and with the release of Wormwood, the concept is about to be cemented many times over. Time will mend our bones but never heal our souls.

Wormwood will see worldwide release through Magic Bullet on digital and LP — the first pressing on smoke, black and red variations — on October 14th, 2014. Additionally, a CD run including a limited woven patch will be released by Patac Records, and a super limited run of cassettes will be released on Negative Fun Records. Stand by for audio from the album, preorders and other news to be issued in the coming days.


Wormwood Track Listing:
1. Hollow Black Eyes
2. Indoctrination
3. I’d Rather Die
4. White Plague
5. Reprise

GHASTLY CITY SLEEP premiere “White Owls”

Jul 30 2014

WHITE-OWLS-MONDAY-PREMIERE-700x440Brooklyn’s GHASTLY CITY SLEEP are set to release another 2xLP on Magic Bullet Records this fall titled Lulling Skulls.

For those that can’t wait for a peak into what the new album offers, Nylon Guys recently premiered the song “White Owls” for full stream.

You can hear it all here.

BEASTMILK: Live on BBC Radio 1

Jul 15 2014

kvohstbbcBEASTMILK recently stopped by the studios of BBC Radio 1 in Maida Vail to record 4 tracks for broadcast on the Rock Show with Daniel P Carter.

The songs performed were as follows:

• “Death Reflects Us”
• “Love in a Cold World”
•  ”The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls”
• “You Are Now Under Our Control”

In addition to the live performance, Daniel also interviewed Kvohst via telephone leading into the music.

The entire show can now be streamed here:

Please enjoy!

Now in the webstore: BEASTMILK “Climax” LP on black and candy apple red vinyl

Jun 10 2014

beastmilk_climax_redbeastmilk_climax_blackNow in the webstore: BEASTMILK Climax LP on translucent candy apple red vinyl and black vinyl.

Climax is the 10-song, astonishing full length debut from Helsinki Finland’s BEASTMILK. Heralded by press across the globe, the album appeared on countless “Best of 2013″ lists and was championed by other bands and fans alike with great enthusiasm.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, the album is packed with an oversized booklet featuring all lyrics, along with iconic photography and art. More information on the release is available here.

You can order now on:
• Black vinyl
• Candy Apple Red vinyl

Whenever possible, please support your local record store by obtaining this album in person. And if that’s not possible:

• United States: copies of the LP are available now in the webstore.

• Canada/World: copies of the LP are available now from Dischord Direct.

Now in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON “Trees” LP on blue vinyl /50

Jun 10 2014

manson_trees_blueNow in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON Trees LP on translucent blue vinyl.

From the first pressing of the album, we recently found a handful of translucent blue copies, limited to 50 pieces. This was the second LP issued in the ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) series featuring music and spoken passages recorded entirely by CHARLES MANSON himself.

More information on the release is available here.

These copies are extremely limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you.

Now in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON “Air” LP on blue vinyl /50

Jun 10 2014

manson_air_blueNow in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON Air LP on translucent blue vinyl.

From the first pressing of the album, we recently found a handful of translucent blue copies, limited to 50 pieces. This was the first LP issued in the ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) series featuring music and spoken passages recorded entirely by CHARLES MANSON himself.

More information on the release is available here.

These copies are extremely limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you.

FORENSICS “Everytime” (Britney Spears cover) available for free download

Jun 09 2014

mbl1727 years before Harmony Korine and a braided James Franco recognized and immortalized the genius of Britney Spears’ “Everytime,” the heavy quartet known as FORENSICS (featuring PG.99/TIDELAND‘s George Crum, HIGHNESS‘ Brent Eyestone, OLD MAN GLOOM‘s Santos Montaño) teamed up with their friend Lauren Durfey to put down a guitar/drums-driven rendition of the song for a Christmas single distributed in 2005.

The track can now be downloaded for free at the Magic Bullet Bandcamp page: please enjoy.

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Iceland back patches now available

Apr 22 2014

1twdybackpatchNow available in the Magic Bullet Records merch store at Shirts & Destroy:

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Iceland” back patch

• Black canvas back patch
• White ink screenprint

Quantities are limited and exclusive to the merch store, so get your patch at:

Thank you.

HIGHNESS: “Gaea (Strings):” live at Saint Vitus, Brooklyn

Apr 08 2014

MUTOID MAN: full set from SXSW

Apr 08 2014

MUTOID MAN takes over our Instagram for SXSW

Mar 08 2014

1MUTOIDTAKEOVERTo commemorate MUTOID MAN‘s first tour out west, we’re having the band (Ben Koller, Steve Brodsky, and Nick Cageao) post photos from their journey via the label’s Instagram account. The tour will take the band through California, Arizona, and into Texas for their SXSW appearances.

To follow the trip, be sure to add the Magic Bullet Records Instagram account here.

To see all the tour dates, please go to the tour dates page here.

Helium Head, the debut album from MUTOID MAN, is available in stores worldwide and everywhere now. US customers can order via our webstore. International customers can order online via Dischord.

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