BLACK ARMY JACKET: Metal Hammer Now Streaming Magic Bullet Records Reissue Of 222 Album By NYC Powerviolence Act

Feb 16 2017

Black Army Jacket

The remixed/remastered reissue of the infamous 222 full-length by iconic 1990s New York City powerviolence faction, BLACK ARMY JACKET, is nearing release through Magic Bullet Records late this month. Metal Hammer is now exclusively streaming the album in its entirety alongside an interview with the band.

222 is the proper BLACK ARMY JACKET full-length, originally recorded and released in 1999. Here, all sixteen tracks have now been remixed and remastered from their original tapes for maximum eardrum indulgence and abuse. Additionally, two previously unheard bonus tracks recorded at the same time as the album – “DANTAM” and “Lying Between The Tigris And The Euphrates” — are now included in the program.

Find the remixed/remastered 222 and interview with bassist Carlos Ramirez only at Metal Hammer at THIS LOCATION.

Both 222 and Closed Casket — a fifty-song collection of BLACK ARMY JACKET’s various cassettes, 7”s, and splits — will see release on all digital platforms through Magic Bullet Records of the label’s 20th anniversary.

New York City’s BLACK ARMY JACKET was one of the key players in the powerviolence movement of the 1990s, the band specializing in a unique strain of grinding hardcore that was as memorable as it was relentless. Notably, BLACK ARMY JACKET was one of the earliest bands in the playing career of drummer Dave Witte. Having done time in Human Remains and Discordance Axis (among others) leading into BLACK ARMY JACKET, Witte went on to play in many more notable bands within the genre and beyond, including Municipal Waste, Publicist UK, Brain Tentacles, Burnt By The Sun, Deny The Cross, and more. Guitarist Andrew Orlando was the figurehead behind Reservoir Records, a label of the same era that represented like-minded talent such as Spazz, Jesuit, C.R., and Noothgrush. Bassist Carlos Ramierez is the co-owner of Fascination Street Films, a writer for No Echo webzine, and holds rank as the vocalist of Deny The Cross with Witte and members of Spazz, Agents Of Satan, and more.


BLACK ARMY JACKET: “222″ and “Closed Casket” available on all streaming and digital platforms on 2/22

Jan 24 2017

bajOn 2/22/17, BLACK ARMY JACKET‘s 222 full length album and Closed Casket compilation of all split, 7″, and cassette material will be available worldwide across all streaming and digital platforms.

Originally recorded and released in 1999, all 16 tracks of 222 have now been remixed and remastered from their original tapes for maximum eardrum indulgence and abuse. Additionally, two previously unheard bonus tracks recorded at the same time as the album are now included in the program.

Closed Casket is a 50-song effort in collecting BLACK ARMY JACKET’s various cassettes, 7”s, and splits in one convenient spot. The material included is culled from:

• Self-titled, self released cassette (1996)
• Spazz split (1997)
• Corrupted split (1997)
• Noothgrush split (1997)
• The Path of Two Swords as One 7” (1998)
• Agathocles split (1999)

New York City’s BLACK ARMY JACKET was one of the key players in the powerviolence movement of the ‘90s. Featuring musicians that have played in such bands as Discordance Axis, Hope Collapse, Human Remains, and Municipal Waste, BLACK ARMY JACKET specialized in a unique strain of grinding hardcore that was as memorable as it was relentless.

WAILIN STORMS Issues Official Video For “Ribcage Fireplace” Via Cvlt Nation Premiere; Second LP Coming In 2017

Nov 27 2016

Wailin Storms_web [photo by EJ Holmes Dawson][photo by EJ Holmes Dawson]

Durham, North Carolina dark punk outfit WAILIN STORMS has just released an official video for “Ribcage Fireplace.” The track hails from the band’s ill-omened debut LP, One Foot In The Flesh Grave, and its video is set free as the band celebrates the one-year anniversary of the album’s release through Magic Bullet Records last year.

The new “Ribcage Fireplace” video depicts the gritty, ominous, track with an appropriately dark visual backdrop, the clip filmed and directed by Richard Lukacs of Crone Cult Pictures. Cvlt Nation has taken on the task of premiering the video, the trusted blog offering of the cut, “it has everything the track does – creepy occult atmospheres, sex beats and visceral howls… Hit play below and let WAILIN STORMS creep under your skin…”

See WAILIN STORMS’ harrowing “Ribcage Fireplace” at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Also catch an entire live set from the band’s Summer Tour via Pit Full OF Shit HERE.

One Foot In The Flesh Grave delivers seven anthems soaked in WAILIN STORMS’ inimitable Danzig-gone-Murder City Devils approach style of ominous, blues-soaked, creepy punk, recorded and mixed at Warrior Sound by Al Jacob and mastered by Carl Saff. While WAILIN STORMS celebrates their debut LP’s release with the video, the band is hard at work writing the follow-up to One Foot In The Flesh Grave, the band planning to enter the studio in early 2017 to harvest their new yield. In the meantime, the outfit continues to perform live regularly with bursts of widespread touring strewn about.

12/10/2016 Bull City Records – Durham, NC w/ Motherfucker, Maple Stave
1/28/2017 Kings // Raleigh, NC w/ Lacy Jags, Happy Abandon

One Foot In The Flesh Grave is available now through Magic Bullet Records, on LP HERE and digitally HERE.

mbl174 wailin storms

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU: The A.V. Club Premieres Previously Unreleased Track From Instrumental Rock Collective; Young Mountain Tenth Anniversary Reissue To Be Unveiled Next Month + Special Live Dates Loom

Nov 02 2016


On June 6th, 2006 (06.06.06), Texas-bred instrumental rock collective THIS WILL DESTROY YOU unleashed their debut Young Mountain and never looked back. Initially recorded as a demo/document to commemorate four guys’ college band, the scope never centered around the notion of the music being commercially released, as most of the band members intended to move on to more traditional careers after school. The initial pressing was a mere 1000 copies, just enough to have something to sell at the merch table on the inaugural tour with labelmates Sparrows Swarm And Sing, via retail stores, and the label’s mailorder.

What happened from there can only be described as a true overnight sensation. The album’s soaring guitar-lead dynamism, cascading cinematic passages, and jarring crescendos captured the hearts and minds of independent music listeners immediately upon release and has, a solid decade later, yet to loosen its grip. As Young Mountain celebrates its ten-year anniversary, a retrospective look at the six-track, thirty-six-minute composition shows quite clearly why it has always been considered a masterpiece by much of THIS WILL DESTROY YOU’s ardent international fanbase and continues to permeate deeper into global consciousness to this day.

Magic Bullet will be celebrating this groundbreaking offering with a special reissue. Set for release next month, Young Mountain will be re-released on CD, digitally, and vinyl, and includes a previously-unheard song entitled “Sleep” recorded during the tracking of the album but omitted from the original pressing.

The lost track is currently streaming at The A.V. Club crowing it, “one of the most concise pieces the band compiled for the record. It’s a short, sweeping song that offers a glimpse at the larger peaks found throughout Young Mountain proper.”

Hear “Sleep,” courtesy of The A.V. Club at THIS LOCATION

Young Mountain will see CD and digital release on November 4th, 2016 and on vinyl (featuring copper metallic inks and a UV gloss flood across a traditional LP jacket) on November 18th, 2016 via Magic Bullet Records. For CD preorders go HERE. Wax lovers to go THIS LOCATION

To wrap up 2016, the band and label have chosen to commemorate the ten-year mark via a series of live shows wherein the band will perform Young Mountain in its entirety back-to-back with a full performance of 2008’s self-titled album.

“I hadn’t heard Young Mountain or This Will Destroy You in years,” reflects guitarist Jeremy Galindo, “After listening through again, I felt oddly connected to it in a way that I wasn’t expecting. It reminded me of the beginning, before we had any clue we would achieve all we have in the past decade. It wasn’t nostalgia that I was feeling… more like listening to the albums for the first time. I really enjoyed that experience and am excited to perform these two albums that got us to where we are today.”

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Ten-Year Anniversary Shows:
11/04/2016 Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
11/05/2016 Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA [sold out]
11/12/2016 Barracuda – Austin, TX
11/18/2016 Metro – Chicago, IL – Metro
11/20/2016 Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY [sold out]
11/21/2016 Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY

Young Mountain captures THIS WILL DESTROY YOU during a chronological window of youth, energy, and wide-eyed optimism that could never be replicated. A purity of sonic intentionality and unhinged vigor runs continuously throughout all of Young Mountain’s tracks, imbuing each piece with moments of both reserved fragility and glorious abandon that are decimated by walls of sound that could overpower jet engines.

Now, standing on the other side, we see that what began as an unassuming group of friends recording music in San Antonio, Texas was in fact the point of departure for a decade-long journey; one that would take THIS WILL DESTROY YOU across continuous tours over four continents, that would lead to international acclaim and a celebrated discography, and one that is yet to end.


LOSER LIFE: Magic Bullet Records Presents Digital Catalog For California Hardcore Punk Outfit; Six Titles Set For November Release

Oct 27 2016


Magic Bullet Records announces more titles for the label’s 20th anniversary series, confirming the upcoming digital catalog from defunct Central California melodic hardcore outfit, LOSER LIFE.

Driven by the desperation and anxieties of their toxic living environment, Bakersfield’s LOSER LIFE channeled those negativities and turned them into powerful bursts of melodic hardcore during their five years together. Beginning in 2005, the band became the flagship band of the now-defunct Munoz Gym, releasing multiple EPs and LPs with the Going Underground, Magic Bullet, and Life’s A Rape labels, and completing multiple United States and European tours before their split in 2010. Taking cues from Hüsker Dü, Articles Of Faith, and Thrasher Skate Rock compilations before them, LOSER LIFE managed to run these influences though a filter that could only come from a place like Bakersfield, giving them a different take on an old formula and making it their own.

Having handled several of the band’s albums during their rampage a decade ago, Magic Bullet will now issue the entire remaining LOSER LIFE discography – with six titles included — delivering all of the band’s vinyl or cassette-only demos, EPs, and singles for official digital distribution on November 18th. All releases will be downloadable and streamable from all the usual suspects (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.) and via the Magic Bullet Records Bandcamp.

Direct preorders for all six LOSER LIFE digital reissues are now live, including the …And I Am Going To Live This Way demo tape HEREThings Will Never Change 7” HEREI Want The World 7” HEREMy Hell 12” HERELife Number Two 7” HERE, and the “Burning Fields” b/w “Hard To Please” 7” HERE.


I Am Going To Live This Way Demo Track Listing:
1. So Much Shit
2. Reasons To Drive Without A Seatbelt
3. I Am Going To Live This Way
4. Fuck Friends
5. Nomad
6. Writing The Book On How To Become A Monster


Things Will Never Change Track Listing:
1. Things Will Never Change
2. It’s All Over


I Want The World Track Listing:
1. I Want The World
2. Dead Inside
3. Bad Teeth


My Hell Track Listing:
1. My Hell
2. Erase Today
3. Interior Motives
4. Fair Weather Friend
5. Undressing You With My Mind
6. Untitled (Digital Bonus Track


Life Number Two Track Listing:
1. Mocking You
2. Life Number Two
3. Same Things


Burning Fields/Hard To Please Track Listing:
1. Burning Fields
2. Hard To Please

CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE: Magic Bullet Records Adds Reissue Of Classic 7” To 20th Anniversary Release Roster

Oct 20 2016


As part of Magic Bullet Records’ 20th anniversary celebrations, the label is proud to announce another installment in the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE reissue project, this time in the form of the “4010” b/w “Away” 7” originally issued on Freewill Records in 1994.

During a brief run of less than three years (1993-1996), CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE managed to turn punk on its head via their trademark (and often imitated) sound that holds up to this day. Everyone from Jimmy Eat World to The Get Up Kids to Texas Is The Reason has cited the influence of the band on both their bands and what became known as “emo” at large, with Alternative Press going so far as to name the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE as one of “13 Bands that Became Legends in Four years or Less” (2010) AND “23 Bands Who Shaped Punk” (2007).

Out of print for many years, the emo/punk classic “4010” b/w “Away” 7” is back with brand new artwork and a choice of either classic black or clear vinyl. Both sides are spun at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity. Magic Bullet Records will issue the record on both black and clear wax and digital download on November 18th; preorders are live at the label store HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Track Listing:
1. 4010
2. Away

COLISEUM & DOOMRIDERS: Magic Bullet Records Confirms Reissue Of Long Out-Of-Print Danzig Covers For November Release

Oct 19 2016


Magic Bullet Records will reissue the long out-of-print Not Of this World split 7” from COLISEUM and DOOMRIDERS in November, this week posting preorders and more on the release.

Back in 2005, COLISEUM’s Ryan Patterson self-released a 12” on his label Auxiliary which featured both his band and Boston’s DOOMRIDERS’ ultimate tribute to the almighty Danzig. Each band turned a cover of a song from the classic self-titled debut Danzig LP, with COLISEUM adding two originals and DOOMRIDERS putting up one original. A CD version of the release was also issued on the defunct Level Plane label.

While the COLISEUM material was later repackaged into a collections release on Temporary Residence, the DOOMRIDERS material remained out-of-print for many years. As part of the upcoming celebrations to commemorate Magic Bullet Records’ 20th anniversary, the label is celebrating the friends and musicians (lifers) that were a significant inspiration as the years went on, starting with a split 7” featuring both bands’ Danzig covers from the 2005 Not Of This Worldsplit. Without question, the gentlemen that comprise(d) both bands have been essential to the growth of the label, be it releasing great music on Magic Bullet (i.e. DOOMRIDERS’ debut LP Black ThunderDISAPPEARER’s The Clearing 2xLP/CD, the first four OLD MAN GLOOM LP’s, JESUIT’s Discography LP/CD, etc.), screening shirts for Magic Bullet bands (via Shirtkiller), booking and playing shows with Magic Bullet bands, and on and on.

This special, limited reissue features brand new Danzig tribute artwork from the steady hands of visual artist Florian Bertmer. Magic Bullet will reissue Not Of This World on November 18th on black, white, and clear 7” vinyl pressings. Preorders are available at the label store HERE and via Bandcamp HERE.

Not Of This World Track Listing:
1. Am I Demon (COLISEUM)
2. Possession (DOOMRIDERS)

LOSER LIFE to reissue six analog titles into the digital realm on November 11, 2016

Oct 18 2016

On November 11, 2016, Bakersfield punks LOSER LIFE will be formally be issuing all of their previously cassette and vinyl-only releases onto all digital and streaming platforms via Magic Bullet Records.

Below is a comprehensive list of everything to expect on the 11th:

MBL140: “I Am Going to Live This Way” (Demo)
1.) So Much Shit
2.) Reasons to Drive Without a Seatbelt
3.) I Am Going to Live This Way
4.) Fuck Friends
5.) Nomad
6.) Writing the Book on How to Become a Monster

MBL196: “Things Will Never Change”
1.) Things Will Never Change
2.) It’s All Over

MBL201: “I Want the World”
1.) I Want the World
2.) Dead Inside
3.) Bad Teeth

MBL202: “My Hell”
1.) My Hell
2.) Erase Today
3.) Interior Motives
4.) Fair Weather Friend
5.) Undressing You With My Mind
6.) Untitled (Digital Bonus Track)

MBL203: “Life Number Two”
1.) Mocking You
2.) Life Number Two
3.) Same Things

MBL204: “Burning Fields” b/w “Hard to Please”
1.) Burning Fields
2.) Hard to Please

All releases will be downloadable and streamable from all the usual suspects (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.). You can also get what you need directly from the label via Bandcamp at:

Riley Moore for West Virginia House of Delegates

Oct 15 2016

rileyAs a general rule of thumb, Magic Bullet Records does not get tied up in the realms of politics or religion. It takes something rather egregious for myself and the label to formally speak out on either.

Recently, it’s been brought to my attention that Rod Snyder and the West Virginia Democrat party have launched a patently misguided attack campaign on an individual that has provided me with years of genuine friendship, laughter, and professional inspiration.

During the years that I had the distinct pleasure of working with Riley Moore and his friends on their satirical, comedy/theatrical performance group RATTLER, I witnessed first-hand the tremendous levels of hard work, good nature, and inclusiveness that simply exuded from Mr. Moore both on-stage and off. He was a shining star in every capacity, wholly embraced by the comedy and parody-music communities for both the FUN environments he encouraged at live performances and his exceptional interpersonal character away from the act.

By whatever bizarre logic, Rod Snyder and the West Virginia Democrat party have overtly chosen to undermine and insult the intelligence of the voting constituency of West Virginia’s 67th House district by attempting to obfuscate the rather obvious satirical nature of Rattler’s successful run in the comedy/parody-music scene and Riley Moore’s role therein. The logical fallacies are quite unfortunate, as they expect voters to believe that Mr. Moore actually subscribes to the over-the-top culture of 1980′s rock and hair metal. By extension, Mr. Snyder and his cohorts must also believe that Eddie Murphy is a loose cannon at his law enforcement job, Harrison Ford is impossibly reckless at archaeology, the Undertaker must get a lot of time off from the mortuary in order to wrestle that much, and that Matthew Broderick has a terrible high school attendance record.

To be clear, the mission statement that the group presented to me before working together was that they intended to skewer the ridiculous culture of 1980s rock and roll/hair metal by parodying acts such as Poison, Def Lepard, Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake, et al. The live shows were to be the ultimate execution of this tongue-in-cheek creative vision, whereas the audio recordings were issued as merchandise that in turn generated the revenue needed to build increasingly elaborate set pieces and acquire period-appropriate costumery (tights, makeup, wigs, vintage t-shirts and jackets). When the group’s hard work met their creative vision, the results were phenomenal. Many thousands of individuals came from far and wide to pack performance halls in the spirit of having a laugh at one of our nation’s most ridiculous decades.

Never once prior to Snyder and the WVDP’s flailing attempts at forced outrage did we ever encounter consumers not grasping the rather obvious satirical scope of the group and their performances.

Unlike Rod Snyder and his real-life fake act, it’s clear that Riley Moore is a House candidate focused on actual ISSUES in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

As a label and as an individual, I wholeheartedly endorse Riley Moore as the kind of public representation that the fine state of West Virginia needs.

Brent Eyestone
Director, Magic Bullet Records

THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA & BLEACH EVERYTHING: Heavy Metal Suicide Streaming At No Clean Singing, Featured At Fangoria

Aug 05 2016

Gehenna-Bleach Everything both covers_web

Magic Bullet Records will release the new Heavy Metal Suicide split 7” between nihilistic West Coast hardcore faction, THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA, and cross-country-based horror hardcore/punks, BLEACH EVERYTHING, pairing two intensely physical bands comprised completely of dyed-in-the-wool DIY punk lifers.

With the EP about to make its parole into society, No Clean Singing is now streaming Heavy Metal Suicide, issuing in part of BLEACH EVERYTHING’s side, “their three tracks adhere to the philosophy that less is more — these are short, explosive flurries of bare-knuckled battering,” and offering that THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA’s tracks, “manifest different sides of this band’s violent, hate-filled blend of metal and hardcore,” and, “will indeed fuck you up.”

Get damaged by Heavy Metal Suicide RIGHT HERE.

Also this week, Fangoria Magazine featured a track from the BLEACH EVERYTHING side alongside an interview with the band/label owner; check it out HERE.

For maximum impact across the audio-visual spectrum, Heavy Metal Suicide was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and is packaged within the bleak and non-subtle artwork of Chris Norris (aka Steak Mtn), with two cover color variations pressed: white/black/red and blue/black/red. Three vinyl colors (red, blue, white) round out the first pressing of this violent pairing. The split sees release this Friday, August 5th through Magic Bullet Recordspreorders for the blue cover 7” are available HERE, the white cover 7” HERE, and digital preorders can be placed HERE.

THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA notes of their diseased portion of the split, “Rebellion. Pain. Noise. War. Famine. Addiction. Disease. Death. Negative Hardcore. This is what makes THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and what THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA makes.”

BLEACH EVERYTHING offers on their behalf, “We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to pair up with a band as pure, real, and as uncompromising as THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA on Heavy Metal Suicide. It’s hard to do much of anything for two decades, let alone keep together a band that demands and endangers so much of its membership every time out. They are the beating heart for a style of punk that very few can pull off in modern times, so it’s an honor to be the designated driver/lookout on another one of their relentless sonic benders.”

With its members hailing from Reno, Nevada and San Francisco, California, THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA has been nihilistically terrifying audiences for the greater part of two decades. Their contributions to Heavy Metal Suicide continue to thematically blur the lines between DIY and DUI with song titles on brand new scorchers “Looking To Score” and “Get Fucked Up!” Both tracks capture a point in the band’s ongoing lyrical narrative of life and death where there is hardly any separation between the two and both are acceptable (so long as there is an escape therein). Recorded by former Integrity member Rob Orr, this documentation captures THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA right where you want them: needing to up the dosage from last time in order to get your fix.

Now scattered between Virginia and California, BLEACH EVERYTHING turns in their third release (and second split) to date, this one fully embracing the tried and true philosophy of “short, fast, and loud,” with each song hovering around the minute flat mark. Thematically, the band tackles topics like inauthenticity (“Witch, Please”), the environmental militancy of particular Godzilla rivals (“Silk And Scales”), and the strange phenomenon of many American adults attempting to address their inner voids with incessant breeding (“Human Mulligan”).


bleacheverything4 [photo by Hayley Rippy Photography]

INTEGRITY: 25th Anniversary Remaster Of Iconic Those Who Fear Tomorrow Debut LP Streaming At Decibel

Aug 05 2016


As Magic Bullet Records releases the 25th Anniversary Remaster of INTEGRITY’s iconic Those Who Fear Tomorrow debut album this week, the new version of this timeless piece of iniquitous malice is now streaming in its entirety through Decibel Magazine.

Those Who Fear Tomorrow is the 1991 debut full-length album from metallic hardcore stalwarts INTEGRITY. Recorded in September of that year, the album still resonates with extreme music fans the world over, as many of the songs still frequent the band’s set lists two-and-a-half decades later. To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the album and its lasting impact, Magic Bullet Records is proud to be reissuing the album across all digital platforms and formats with an exclusive remastering treatment of the original Mars Recording Compound mixes by Audiosiege’s Brad Boatright. The CD version features a complete set of Dwid Hellion’s lyrics and some behind-the-scenes liner notes from former guitarist Aaron Melnick.

Decibel Magazine is streaming this re-envisioned version of the incredibly influential and unstoppable album, declaring Those Who Fear Tomorrow a, “genre-defining metallic hardcore album.”

Stream the remastered Those Who Fear Tomorrow at Decibel RIGHT HERE.

The 25th Anniversary Remaster of Those Who Fear Tomorrow will see release through Magic Bullet Records this Friday, August 5th, the CD available for preorder HERE and the digital HERE. The LP was previously released via Organized Crime Records.

INTEGRITY will perform as one of the main acts at the four-day This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, confirmed to headline the Electric Factory on Friday, August 5th, joined by Ringworm, All Out War, Iron Reagan, Haymaker, Full Of Hell, Eternal Sleep, and more that night alone.

8/05/2016 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore [info]


FANGORIA premieres BLEACH EVERYTHING’s “Silk and Scales”

Aug 03 2016

mbl187-ioda-whiteToday, Fangoria Magazine premiered “Silk and Scales,” a track by BLEACH EVERYTHING taken from their upcoming Heavy Metal Suicide split 7″ with THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA. The piece also features an interview with vocalist Brent Eyestone about the origins of the song (spoiler: it’s all about Mothra).

The article and song can be accessed here.

Heavy Metal Suicide hits stores everywhere this Friday, August 5.

You can order the digital version here.

You can order the split 7″ here.

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