THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary Of Young Mountain Debut; Reissue Announced + Special Live Dates Confirmed

Jul 13 2016


On June 6th, 2006, Texas-bred instrumental rock ensemble THIS WILL DESTROY YOUunleashed their debut Young Mountain and never looked back. The album’s soaring guitar-lead dynamism, cascading cinematic passages, and jarring crescendos captured the hearts and minds of independent music listeners immediately upon release and has, a decade later, yet to loosen its grip. As Young Mountain celebrates its ten-year anniversary, a retrospective look at the six-track, thirty-six-minute composition shows quite clearly why it has always been considered a masterpiece by much of THIS WILL DESTROY YOU’s ardent international fanbase and still continues to permeate deeper into global consciousness to this day.

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU recently confirmed a short run of live dates this summer from August 23rd through August 28th with Minus the Bear as well as four special anniversary shows this November which will celebrate Young Mountain as well as the band’s self-titled studio album, also nearing its ten-year mark. The band will be playing both records in their entirety in November. See all confirmed dates below.

The band will be reissuing Young Mountain on CD and digitally on October 28th and on LP (date TBD) via Magic Bullet Records. The reissue edition will come with an original, never-before-heard bonus track “Sleep.” Preorders will be available in the coming months.

Additionally, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU recently launched an eBay charity auction where they auctioned off a special Young Mountain package that included the original drawing of the Young Mountain album cover by Christopher Royal King on a page torn from his geology notebook as well as the original limited cassette tape version of Young Mountain with fake fur casing made in 2005. The set was auctioned off for nearly $500 which was donated to the Equality Florida Go Fund Me to benefit the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attacks.


8/23/2016 Wild Buffalo – Bellingham, WA
8/24/2016 Venue – Vancouver, BC
8/26/2016 Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WA 2016 Suicide Squeeze 20th Anniversary Show
8/27/2016 Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
8/28/2016 Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
Ten-Year Anniversary Shows:
11/04/2016 Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
11/05/2016 Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA
11/18/2016 Metro – Chicago, IL – Metro
11/20/2016 Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY

No journey is understood or complete without a thorough examination of its point of departure. The band’s initial intention was never to press Young Mountain beyond their self-released, hand-made CDR batches made for live shows, content for the recording to simply remain a demo of their germinal efforts. Emphatically suggesting otherwise, Magic Bullet Records’ founder Brent Eyestone’s unrelenting enthusiasm convinced the original quartet of Christopher King, Jeremy Galindo, Raymond Brown, and Andrew Miller that Young Mountain should enjoy official CD and subsequent vinyl pressings (over a dozen and counting) and helped to amplify THIS WILL DESTROY YOU’s inaugural document far beyond the band’s humble aspirations. As a result, Young Mountain captures THIS WILL DESTROY YOU during a chronological window of youth, energy, and wide-eyed optimism that could never be replicated. A purity of sonic intentionality and unhinged vigor runs continuously throughout all of Young Mountain’s tracks, imbuing each piece with moments of both reserved fragility and glorious abandon that are decimated by walls of sound that could overpower jet engines.

Founding guitarist Christopher King reflects on their collective naiveté at the time, saying “we didn’t know what we were doing but it didn’t matter. We had no preconceptions, no expectations.” Fellow founding guitarist Jeremy Galindo concurs, “…look what it has achieved…and it could have never existed…that is, still, the most interesting thing about the album to me.”

Now, standing on the other side, we see that what began as an unassuming group of friends recording music in San Antonio, Texas, eventually moving North and solidifying in San Marcos, Texas was in fact the point of departure for a decade-long journey; one that would take THIS WILL DESTROY YOU across continuous tours over four continents, that would lead to international acclaim and a celebrated discography, and one that is yet to end.

MEATWOUND Announces A Rash Of Summer And Fall Live Actions; New Recordings On The Horizon

Jul 08 2016

Meatwound live 2016_2392

Florida swamp rats MEATWOUND have locked up a series of live performances throughout the Southeastern region this week, with more shows booked for later in the Summer and Fall months. The band also unveils a vague sense of what’s going on behind closed studio doors with several new recordings penned.

MEATWOUND kicks off their run of live slayings this week with a show this evening, July 8th, in Jacksonville, before transporting their carcasses north for a set at Blood Rust II Fest in Asheville, North Carolina tomorrow alongside the likes of Torch Runner, Die Choking, Uninhabitable, Thetan, and many others. Following their raid of the fest, MEATWOUND will play in Chapel Hill with Die Choking this Sunday, then later in the week they play Savannah July 13th and Orlando on the 14th. August is already being booked, as the band will support Gruesome and others on the 4th, and MEATWOUND is working on a string of shows with Nervous though the Southern states in October preceding their set at the massive The Fest gathering in Gainesville the final weekend of that month.

Uniting members of Combatwoundedveteran, Holy Mountain, Headless Dogs, Primate Research, and others, MEATWOUND’s dangerous debut LP Addio was recorded with Dan Byer at Rock Garden Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and released in the gross Summer heat of 2015 via Magic Bullet Records. A thundering concoction of 1990s influences culminate in the MEATWOUND sound; the collective’s sound born in a sewage-drenched swamp gutter where the pentatonic, industrialized elements of crushers Fudge Tunnel and Godflesh meet a sordid death metal edge, meshing Sepultura tribalisms with a throbbing Big Black-style hardcore punk infiltrated by scuzzy sci-fi tones.

MEATWOUND is currently cutting the fat on new auditory beef for release in the months ahead, including a new LP for Magic Bullet and more. The band’s Addio is available on CD, LP, and all digital setups; physical product can be obtained HERE.

7/08/2016 Rain Dogs – Jacksonville, FL w/ Rhythm of Fear, Ether [info]
7/09/2016 Blood Rust II Fest – Asheville, NC w/ Torch Runner, Die Choking [info]
7/10/2016 Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC w/ Die Choking, Lesser Life [info]
7/13/2016 The Jinx – Savannah, GA
7/14/2016 Uncle Lou’s – Orlando, FL w/ Moat Cobra, Thunderclap [info]
8/04/2016 New World – Tampa, FL w/ Gruesome, Hideous, Grave Ascension [info]

THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA & BLEACH EVERYTHING: Heavy Metal Suicide Split Due In August Via Magic Bullet Records

Jul 07 2016

Gehenna-Bleach Everything both covers_web

Heavy Metal Suicide pairs together THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and BLEACH EVERYTHING, two intensely physical bands comprised completely of dyed-in-the-wool DIY punk lifers.

With its members hailing from Reno, Nevada and San Francisco, California, THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA has been nihilistically terrifying audiences for the greater part of two decades. Their contributions to Heavy Metal Suicide continue to thematically blur the lines between DIY and DUI with song titles on brand new scorchers “Looking To Score” and “Get Fucked Up!” Both tracks capture a point in the band’s ongoing lyrical narrative of life and death where there is hardly any separation between the two and both are acceptable (so long as there is an escape therein). Recorded by former Integrity member Rob Orr, this documentation captures THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA right where you want them: needing to up the dosage from last time in order to get your fix.

Now scattered between Virginia and California, BLEACH EVERYTHING turns in their third release (and second split) to date, this one fully embracing the tried and true philosophy of “short, fast, and loud,” with each song hovering around the minute flat mark. Thematically, the band tackles topics like inauthenticity (“Witch, Please”), the environmental militancy of particular Godzilla rivals (“Silk And Scales”), and the strange phenomenon of many American adults attempting to address their inner voids with incessant breeding (“Human Mulligan”).

For maximum impact across the audio-visual spectrum, Heavy Metal Suicide was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and is packaged within the bleak and non-subtle artwork of Chris Norris (aka Steak Mtn), with two cover color variations being pressed: white/black/red and blue/black/red. Three vinyl colors (red, blue, white) round out the first pressing of this violent pairing.

As both bands head into completion of new LPs from each, Heavy Metal Suicide captures THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and BLEACH EVERYTHING delivering the goods from far out on the fringe of things.

Magic Bullet Records will release the Heavy Metal Suicide 7” on August 5th; preorders for the blue cover 7” are available HERE, the white cover 7” HEREand digital preorders can be placed HERE.



Heavy Metal Suicide Track Listing:
1. Looking To Score (THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA)
3. Witch, Please (BLEACH EVERYTHING)
4. Silk And Scales (BLEACH EVERYTHING)
5. Human Mulligan (BLEACH EVERYTHING)

bleach everything2 [photo by Hayley Rippy]


INTEGRITY: Magic Bullet Records To Issue 25th Anniversary Remaster Of Iconic Those Who Fear Tomorrow Debut Album

Jun 30 2016

Integ full band live b

INTEGRITY’s iconic debut album, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, will arise once again this acrid Summer, as Magic Bullet Records prepares the album’s 25th Anniversary Remaster of the record for CD and digital release this August.

Those Who Fear Tomorrow is the 1991 debut full-length album from Cleveland metallic hardcore stalwarts INTEGRITY. Recorded in September of that year, the album still resonates with extreme music fans the world over, as many of the songs still frequent the band’s set lists two-and-a-half decades later.

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the album and its lasting impact, Magic Bullet Records is proud to be reissuing the album across all digital platforms and formats with an exclusive remastering treatment of the original Mars Recording Compound mixes by Audiosiege’s Brad Boatright. The CD version features a complete set of Dwid Hellion’s lyrics and some behind-the-scenes liner notes from founding guitarist Aaron Melnick.

Witness the malevolent Those Who Fear Tomorrow classic tracks “Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow” and “Diehard” playing RIGHT HERE.

The Those Who Fear Tomorrow 25th Anniversary Remaster will see release on August 5th, the CD available for preorder HERE and the digital HERE. The LP was previously released via Organized Crime Records.

Following their recent performance at Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec with Jane’s Addiction, Ice Cube, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Agnostic Front, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, and countless others. in August, INTEGRITY will perform as one of the main acts at this year’s This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, confirmed to headline the Electric Factory on Friday, August 5th, joined by Ringworm, Nails, Full Of Hell, Eternal Sleep, and more.

8/05/2016 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore [info]


Those Who Fear Tomorrow Track Listing:
1. Den Of Iniquity
2. Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
3. Diehard
4. Lundgren/Crucifixion
5. Judgment Day
6. Descent Into…
7. Darkness
8. Tempest
9. In Contrast Of Sin
10. Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
11. Wings Tear
12. Harder They Fall
13. Candra Nama Vijayasya Stri Pums’ Calayasti
14. Apollyons Whisper
15. March Of The Damned

ZEX: Ottawa Punks To Embark On Five-Week European Tour At The End Of April

Apr 21 2016

zex vermont 3 [photo by Wayne William Archibald][photo by Wayne William Archibald]

Ottawa, Ontario’s unstoppable punk squad, ZEX, has just booked yet another massive international tour beginning in just two weeks, this time headed to Europe.

For the past year and a half, ZEX has been touring across the globe in support of their debut LP, Fight For Yourself, with several regional tours of their native Canada, a massive tour through the South Pacific, a full-on US invasion, and most recently, an extensive tour through Brazil in February. ZEX now kicks into back full-on road-ravaging mode, having plotted a widespread tour of the European continent for five months. Beginning April 30th in Berlin, Germany, the tour will run through Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, and Norway, the final show taking place at Muskelrock in Alvesta, Sweden the weekeed of June 3rd through 5th.

View ZEX’s videos for “Wanderlust” at THIS LOCATION, “Fight For Yourself” HERE, “Savage City” HERE, and the band’s tribute to fallen drummer Vassil Mester HERE.

ZEX European Tour 2016:
4/30/2016 Kopi – Berlin, DE [info]
5/01/2016 Dortheavej 61 – Kobenhavn, DK [info]
5/03/2016 Gaussplatz – Hamburg, DE [info]
5/04/2016 Stumpf – Hannover, DE [info]
5/05/2016 Bambara – Groningen, DE
5/06/2016 OCCII – Amsterdam, NL [info]
5/07/2016 Den Bristol – Ghent, BE [info]
5/08/2016 AZ – Mulheim, DE
5/10/2016 La Comedia – Paris, FR [info]
5/12/2016 Trokxon – Lyon, FR
5/13/2016 La Jungla – Barcelona, ES
5/14/2016 Sabotage – Mallorca, ES [info]
5/15/2016 La Machine A Coudre – Marseille, FR
5/19/2016 XM24 – Bologna, IT
5/20/2016 Tetris – Trieste, IT
5/21/2016 Eleven Club – Brno, CZ [info]
5/22/2016 Arena Beisl – Wien, AU [info]
5/23/2016 Boss Bar – Podebrady, CZ
5/24/2016 TBA – Praha, CZ
5/25/2016 Heartbreak – Dresden, DE [info]
5/26/2016 TBA – Jena, DE
5/27/2016 Z – Leipzig, DE
5/28/2016 Cassioppeira – Berlin, DE [info]
5/29/2016 Harem – Malmo, SE
5/31/2016 Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, SE
6/01/2016 Cyclopen – Stockholm, SE
6/02/2016 TBA – Oslo, NO
6/03-05/2016 Tryolen – Alvesta, SE @ Muskelrock [info]

Channeling traditional heavy metal leads into their classic early punk rock approach, ZEX’s Fight For Yourself drops ten insatiably infectious and fully unruly anthems, the album recorded at Meatlocker Studio with Paul Yogi Granger in Ottawa and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland. With a solid fanbase and buzz already going for them due to heavy widespread touring and a diehard worth ethic, the band independently released Fight For Yourself in Canada, which caught the attention of Magic Bullet Records, who officially re-released Fight For Yourself with proper distribution to the international masses.

Fight For Yourself is available worldwide through Magic Bullet Records on CD, LP, and digital download; physical copies can be obtained HERE, and the digital HERE.

ZEX flyer-euro-tour2016 flyer

Now in the webstore: INTEGRITY x PUSHEAD “Humanity is the Devil” skate decks

Apr 05 2016

IMG_0327 IMG_0324 IMG_0323 IMG_0322Now in the webstore:

• Brand new decks featuring INTEGRITY‘s Humanity is the Devil artwork (by Pushead)
• Sizes: 8.1, 8.25, 8.5
• If you don’t understand sizing (or don’t skate), simply select “WALL BOARD” and we’ll take care of it for you
• These decks feature our new S1 concave
• 7-ply Canadian Maple construction
• Heat transfer graphic


SWEET COBRA Premieres “Repo” Video At BrooklnVegan As Band Continues Tour With Bloodiest And Electric Hawk

Mar 10 2016

sweet cobra triptych david cubberly[photo by David Cubberly]

Chicago’s SWEET COBRA has just issued a brand new video for “Repo,” the track hailing from their acclaimed Earth LP. The video sees its public debut through BrooklynVegan alongside coverage of the tour the band is currently embarked on in support of the LP. “Repo” was directed by Katie Kapuza, with assistance from child wrangler Chris Batte, and stars Bishop, Christopher, and Nat.

See SWEET COBRA’s new “Repo” video now at BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Recorded and produced by Matt Talbot of Hum and Kurt Ballou of Converge at Talbot’s Earth Analog Studios, mixed by Ballou at his Godcity Studio, and mastered by Carl Saff, SWEET COBRA‘s Earth LP also features guest contributions from both Ballou and Talbot. The nearly forty-six-minute record shows the band hungrier than ever; the trusted and infectious ferocity fans expect is here delivered through a slick, more accessible approach. The pairing of Talbot and Ballou as producers has truly yielded a stunning, classic heavy album for the ages.

The SWEET COBRA trio is currently touring in support of Earth, as part of a Chicago-based tour package alongside Bloodiest and Electric Hawk. Having already run through Detroit, Toronto, Syracuse, Montreal, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia, the tour continues onward, into Pittsburgh tonight, followed by Indianapolis tomorrow and Cleveland on Friday before the hometown throwdown closing the tour out in Chicago this Saturday, March 12th.

SWEET COBRA On Tour w/ Bloodiest, Electric Hawk remaining dates:
3/09/2016 Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA
3/10/2016 5th Quarter – Indianapolis, IN
3/11/2016 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH (early show)
3/12/2016 Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL

Earth is available through Magic Bullet on CD and both black and gold vinyl available HERE, and digitally via Bandcamp HERE as well as all major digital outlets.

SWEET COBRA 2016 spring tour admat

WAILIN STORMS To Deliver Their Ill-Omened Anthems To Southeastern US Cities This April

Mar 07 2016

wailin storms_8566 [photo by Thomas Hudson][photo by Thomas Hudson]

Durham-based WAILIN STORMS has confirmed a string of tour dates in order to broadcast the ill-omened rock/punk anthems of their debut LP, One Foot In The Flesh Grave, to residents of the Southeastern US.

Preceded by a one-off show in nearby Chapel Hill, North Carolina on March 12th, WAILIN STORMS will hook up with their Athens, Georgia-based friends in The Powder Room for a five-city trek, beginning April 20th with shows in Asheville, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, and Wilmington, North Carolina, the final show taking place April 24th in Richmond, Virginia. Additional tour dates for the Spring and Summer months are to be expected.

3/12/2016 Cat’s Cradle – Chapel Hill, NC w/ Maple Stave, Bronzed Chorus
4/20/2016 Odditorium – Asheville, NC w/ Shallows, Powder Room
4/21/2016 The Station – Charlotte, NC w/ Power Take Off, Powder Room
4/22/2016 Nightlight – Chapel Hill, NC w/ Soon, Powder Room
4/23/2016 Reggies – Wilmington, NC w/ Youth League, Powder Room
4/24/2016 Banditos – Richmond, VA w/ Magnus Lush, Manzara

Hear WAILIN STORMS’ One Foot In The Flesh Gravethrough Revolver Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded and mixed at Warrior Sound, by Al Jacob and mastered by Carl Saff, WAILIN STORMS‘ One Foot In The Flesh Grave was released by Magic Bullet Records in November, the album delivering seven portentous tracks of brew of the band’s bluesy, doom-infused punk which calls to mind the likes of Samhain/Danzig, TSOL, Social Distortion, Murder City Devils, Laughing Hyenas, Pussy Galore, and Clockcleaner. Invisible Oranges issued of the album, “While there’s some metal and hardcore in the WAILIN STORMS sound, it mostly simmers. There’s strength in simmering: one cooks a lobster by slowly raising the heat… Just when it reaches a fever-pitch, it ends. WAILIN STORMSdon’t overstay their welcome. The way vocalist Justin Storms caws over the din reminds me of the two most recent Wovenhand records.” American Aftermath’s review called the album, “a mighty doom punk opus that will be forever stuck in the minds of all who listen to it… a catchy, doomed opus that serves as the essential first step to WAILIN STORMS eventual greatness.” Cvlt Nation posted, “One Foot In The Flesh Grave sounds like a morbid plate of hot grits covered in zombie blood. This band knows how to write songs that channel the gothic past of the south while still keeping the ghost of Robert Johnson happy. Have a dark fucking open mind – let the WAILIN STORMS blow right in, and you will not be disappointed!”

One Foot In The Flesh Grave is available now through Magic Bullet Records, on LP HERE and digitally HERE.

wailin storms & powder room tour 3-5-16 666

Now in the webstore: DOOMRIDERS “Black Thunder” LP on blind, sealed colors!

Feb 19 2016

mbl073-mysteryNow in the webstore: DOOMRIDERS Black Thunder LP repress!

For this run we gave the pressing plant the instructions to “go nuts” and just make as many different and uniquely crazy colors and color schemes as possible for the vinyl itself. The idea was to make it so that each person receives a one-of-a-kind record. To make it even more fun, all copies were instantly sealed into the jackets at the factory so that not even us at the label have any clue what color is in each copy. This insures the complete randomness of distribution to everyone who picks up a copy.

To order the LP online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore.

SWEET COBRA: Chicago-Based Package Tour With Bloodiest And Electric Hawk Confirmed For March

Feb 10 2016

SWEET COBRA 2016 spring tour admat sitesFollowing a few months off the road after their US tour with Mutoid Man, SWEET COBRA will take part in a North American Chicago-based package tour, the triad of acts also including Bloodiest and Electric Hawk.

The Chicago-based SWEET COBRA power trio will be touring in support of their Magic Bullet Records-released Earth LP, the tour running from its kickoff in Detroit on March.3rd, with shows in Detroit, Toronto, Syracuse, Montreal, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Cleveland before its hometown throwdown closing the tour out on March 12th.

SWEET COBRA’s Earth is streaming in its entirety at THIS LOCATION, and the video for “Future Ghosts” playing HERE.

SWEET COBRA Tour w/ Bloodiest, Electric Hawk:
3/03/2016 Detroit, MI – UFO Factory
3/04/2016 Toronto, ON – The Hard Luck
3/05/2016 Syracuse, NY – Gorham Brothers Music
3/06/2016 Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz
3/07/2016 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus Bar
3/08/2016 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
3/09/2016 Pittsburgh, PA – Smiling Moose
3/10/2016 Indianapolis, IN – 5th Quarter
3/11/2016 Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class (early show)
3/12/2016 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle

Earth is available through Magic Bullet on CD and both black and gold vinyl available HERE, and digitally via Bandcamp HERE as well as all major digital outlets.

Recorded and produced by Matt Talbot of Hum and Kurt Ballou of Converge at Talbot’s Earth Analog Studios, mixed by Ballou at his Godcity Studio, and mastered by Carl Saff, SWEET COBRA‘s Earth LP also features guest contributions from both Ballou and Talbot. The nearly forty-six-minute record shows the band hungrier than ever; the trusted and infectious ferocity fans expect is here delivered through a slick, more accessible approach. The pairing of Talbot and Ballou as producers has truly yielded a stunning, classic heavy album for the ages.

Noisey boasts of the band, “they’ve mercilessly pounded on their pawnshop gear around the Midwest, working with an earnest determination based not on some faulty notion of ‘making it’, but with the goal of being the tightest, gnarliest, catchiest punk band possible.” Pitchfork offers, “One of the most underrated tools in SWEET COBRA’s arsenal is their sharpened sense of restraint: a necessary, and yet frequently overlooked, step in building a proper sludge assault… A little breathing room goes a long way, and in an atypical move for swampy albums of its ilk, Earth succeeds because it doesn’t attempt to downright bury the listener—it’s a slow, sweet smothering.” Lambgoat issued, “Foraging the forests of post-hardcore, punk, rock, and alternative metal, SWEET COBRA are as melodic as they are heavy, as crisp as they are abrasive. Think Queens of the Stone Age melted into Torche fused with High On Fire hammered in Quicksand.” Exclaim published, “Yes, it sounds a fair bit like Queens of the Stone Age, but they manage to sound just unique enough that they evoke the legends more than they crib from them. At the sweet spot where post-hardcore, stoner-doom and rock’n'roll meet, SWEET COBRAare waiting to take you back to Earth.” And The Sludgelord posted, “Earth will sit nicely in any collection and would add some melodic relief in between the usual tipple of sludge, doom, death metal and black metal. Brilliant.”

Review copies of Earth and interviews with the members of SWEET COBRA are available through

Now in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU & LYMBYC SYSTYM “Field Studies” LP on translucent green

Jan 23 2016

mbl110-1GREENNow in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU & LYMBYC SYSTYM Field Studies LP on translucent green vinyl.

Originally recorded and released in 2009, this split LP between two of the best bands in the land continues to win ears and hearts around the globe. We’re happy to be keeping it in print over the past seven years!

• To order the LP online worldwide, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore.
• To support this release digitally via iTunes, please visit the iTunes store.
• To support this release via Bandcamp, please visit our Bandcamp page.

Now in the webstore: WAILIN STORMS “One Foot in the Flesh Grave” LP (first press)

Jan 23 2016

mbl174-1REDmbl174-1CLEAR- Debut LP from Durham, NC’s WAILIN STORMS
- LP issued on first press CLEAR and RED vinyl
- Complimentary download code in every copy
- To stream or download the LP in full, please go here

• To order the 7″ online worldwide, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore.
• To support this release digitally via iTunes, please visit the iTunes store.
• To support this release via Bandcamp, please visit our Bandcamp page.

Originally formed in the unrelenting heat of Corpus Christi, Texas, WAILIN STORMS migrated east and ended up in Durham, North Carolina. Their sound is justly a mix of doom-punk and swampy rock, as elements of their prior and current surroundings culminate into a unique and volatile brew. Stamped with eerily dark and ominous vocal elements reminiscent of bluesy masters like Howlin’ Wolf and Samhain, and musically carved from the Southern American East Coast with emotive nods to Destruction Unit, Clockleaner, Unsane, and Pussy Galore, the band’s output is incessantly passionate and harrowing in its entirety. Think the Murder City Devils… but if they actually murdered people under possession by the god-damned devil.

After two successful EPs — 2011’s Bone Colored Moon and 2014’s Shiver — the band issues their debut LP, One Foot In The Flesh Grave, as a warning shot to all things safe, prescribed, and banal. WAILIN STORMS’ deep, dark, swampy and catchy-as-all-hell new material bears seven hymns for the ongoing funeral procession of everyday life. Crossing its path bestows the karmic powers of a black cat in reverse.

Track List:
01. Don’t Forget the Sun
02. Ribcage Fireplace
03. Mystery Girl
04. Walk
05. Lost
06. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
07. German Fur Tails

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