BEASTMILK premiere “Fear Your Mind” on Stereogum + other news

Nov 05 2013

beastmilk-fearIt’s been a complete whirlwind of activity since announcing the signing of Finland’s BEASTMILK a few weeks back. In short, we have never experienced so much excitement, anticipation, and critical excitement for any debut album in the history of the label.

Recently, we premiered “Fear Your Mind,” the second song premiere from the forthcoming Climax album, over at Stereogum. You can stream the entire song here.

Vocalist Kvohst shares the following insight into the theme of the song:

“Fear Your Mind” is about assassination fixation, our mass hybristophilia and the abstraction of the term “evil.” The title alludes to something we all need to face, ie our natural instincts, deepest fears and desires. The whole album is about how we face death and the end. Through murder we know ourselves and we learn to face ourselves. I am making a point about our social inability to accept that part of ourselves that is present in the Manson cult and killers like Pekka-Erik Auvinen. My mixing of dates and years there is meant to make the point that time is irrelevant. The victims and their families never forget, no matter how hard society tries to abstract the most heinous of crimes. They will always be recent on a personal level. Death is how we relate to History and how we place ourselves into that history. It’s how we learn to be human. These murders repeat themselves and will continue to repeat themselves for all time. We cannot escape who we are. We simply have to live with it and learn to live in fear of our own minds.

Additional BEASTMILK news to pass along:

• The band will be playing their record release show in Helsinki, Finland on December 5, 2013. Tickets can be purchased here.

Crave Online‘s Iann Robinson recently wrote an article/review on Climax, proclaiming:

Beastmilk has entered the battle for my top album of 2013 with a machete. An astonishing debut.

Q Magazine made “Love in a Cold World” one of “Five Songs to Hear This Week.”

AAA Music has also heaped extraordinary praise on the band with observations like:

This album proves to be a very relevant rallying-call that can cross the divide between music fans, allowing metal expression into the post-punk psyche. If Ian Curtis had not departed this world prematurely, this is what Joy Division may have developed into. If they had gone on past 1979 we would have seen a mastering of the dark vocal energies with instrumental intricacies in a more clear-sighted and robust package.

Gigslutz gushes:

Its eye-catching sound and taste is something that hasn’t been captured so specifically for a long time. It’s big, and it’s only going to get bigger.

Ripple Rock Radio Show declares Climax “album of the year.”

BEASTMILK has confirmed an April 10 appearance at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands.

• The band recently performed at Live Evil, the festival curated by DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz. As some will recall, BEASTMILK was a recipient of Fenriz’s “Band of the Week” honor back in 2012.

• An amazing set of photos from a recent gig at Nasturi have been posted over at Death Illustrated.

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU featured in “Bernie and Ernie” ESPN 30 for 30 film

Nov 05 2013

130forbernieOn Tuesday, November 5, 2013, ESPN will air Bernie and Ernie, the latest installment in their critically-acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning 30 for 30 documentary series. Bernie and Ernie features THIS WILL DESTROY YOU‘s “The Mighty Rio Grande,” from 2008′s S/T album. The documentary also marks the fifth time the band has worked with brilliant director and creative mind Jason Hehir.

Bernie and Ernie airs at 8pm in the East. Please check local listings for more information and additional air times.

BEASTMILK to issue debut full-length on Magic Bullet Records in North America

Oct 17 2013

beastmilk-2Fresh on the heels of tracking and mixing one of the greatest records we’ve ever heard up at GodCity Studio (run by our friend Kurt Ballou), we are overjoyed and floored to announce that Finland’s apocalyptic post-punk rock quartet BEASTMILK will be releasing their debut full-length (Climax) in North America on MAGIC BULLET RECORDS.

The album will see release in stores everywhere and be available digitally on Black Friday, November 29, 2013 in conjunction with Finland’s SVART RECORDS (for the UK, Scandi, and Europe at large).

One of the album’s tracks (“Love in a Cold World”) has already premiered at Pitchfork, which you can hear for yourself here. A lyric video of the same song can be viewed here.

The band was also recently selected as “New Band of the Day” over at The Guardian, who opines that Climaxcontains a magnified sense of a unit out there in the elements, raging against ominous engulfing forces. But they eschew accusations of tepid melodrama by the sheer might and metallic urgency of the music.

Additional premieres and previews are on the way and we sincerely look forward to helping you get to know your new favorite band.

Press: please contact Dave Brenner at Earsplit PR.
Stores: please contact Adam Mayes at Cobraside Distribution

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU release “Their Celebrations” to benefit The Christopher Friedrich Memorial Fund (CASPIAN)

Oct 14 2013

On August 25, 2013, the world lost a good soul in the human form of Christopher Friedrich, who passed away unexpectedly that afternoon. In the years he was with us, many had the privilege of meeting and knowing him personally, while even more got to know him via his wonderful music in the band CASPIAN. Ever since encountering Chris and his mates early on in both band’s lives, the true bonds of friendship, love, and respect between CASPIAN and THIS WILL DESTROY YOU have run strong throughout the years, now even stronger after having lost such an important member of the extended family.

Sadly and tragically, Chris also leaves behind his widow Nadia Hajjar, whom he had just married four months before his passing. We can not fathom what Nadia must be enduring to go from such pure elation and happiness to completely having the world fall out from under her feet in such a sudden and unforgiving chain of events.

To assist in a time of such devastation, the families of Christopher Friedrich and Nadia Hajjar have established The Christopher Friedrich Memorial Fund. Anyone reading this can contribute directly here:


To help in our own way, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU and Magic Bullet Records are currently offering the non-album song “Their Celebrations” to the public in exchange for donations to the fund. All proceeds from the sale of this track will benefit Nadia Hajjar in the wake of her loss.

The track can streamed and downloaded here: 


Thank you for considering. Thank you for listening.

IRON REAGAN debut “Cycle of Violence” video over at Noisey!

Oct 08 2013

The great folks at Noisey have been so kind as to help us premiere the IRON REAGAN music video for “Cycle of Violence” (off of Worse Than Dead). If you’re digging the classic crossover thrash vibes the band absolutely nails, the video is sure to stoke you out as well.

Check it out here:

Stream MUTOID MAN’s “Scrape the Walls” over at Decibel!

Oct 08 2013

Great news for all of the folks who have been highly anticipating the release of MUTOID MAN‘s debut album Helium Head: our friends at Decibel Magazine have been so kind as to host a stream premiering the track “Scrape the Walls.”

Also in the piece is some insight from Steve Brodsky on the song itself and how the new band came to be. It’s definitely worth checking out on multiple levels.

You can check out the music and article here:


Helium Head hits stores everywhere November 29, 2013. LP | CD | Digital. It rules.

PERSEKUTOR : interview & “Power Frost” preview stream at Decibel

Sep 28 2013

As some of you may have heard, we’ve managed to track down the elusively enigmatic Romanian black metal outfit PERSEKUTOR and have made the arrangements to release a special 7″ for them on Black Friday.

Special thanks to Daciana Birladeanu for being our fixer on the ground in Transylvania (and arranging contact with the band) and our attorney Bryan Christner for assistance in clearing PERSEKUTOR from contractual obligations under Thousand Year Reich, their former label. It’s been a long road with a lot of obstacles, but we’re thinking everyone will ultimately agree that the juice was worth the squeeze.

Metal historians will recall that PERSEKUTOR‘s 2006 debut (Angels of Meth) was oft-heralded as one of the best albums of the year, scoring a perfect 10 out of 10 in Decibel Magazine and garnering heaps of praise from Fenriz of DARKTHRONE. Naturally, Decibel continues to be at the forefront of every happening in the metal underground and has already published a rare interview with guitarist Vlad the Inhaler.

As a bonus, we’ve premiered the track “Power Frost” in tandem with said interview.

Enjoy both here:

MUTOID MAN = Steve Brodsky, Ben Koller. Debut album out Black Friday!

Sep 19 2013

Hey dudes.

Ben from CONVERGE and Steve from CAVE IN started a new band. Just the two of them.

It’s called MUTOID MAN and the debut is called Helium Head. The album is a full-on rager far beyond what you think it might sound like. You can get a taste of it via our free mixtape, currently up at on our new Bandcamp page.

Obviously, it’s a complete honor to be doing this record with these guys, as they’re old friends and disgustingly inspiring musicians that simply don’t even understand the concept of sucking. Even better, our mutual buddy Ryan Begley is co-releasing this with us via his Nonbeliever label. We’re all very, very excited and you should be too.

Helium Head hits stores everywhere on November 29, 2013 (Black Friday).

CORN ON MACABRE tour stories featured in DECIBEL MAGAZINE

Aug 26 2013

Decibel Magazine recently ran a piece where Billups Allen and Brent Eyestone recall stories from the traveling they did while in CORN ON MACABRE back around the turn of the century.

You can read the entire thing here.

Discographic Violence, the complete discography on one LP, is now available in stores everywhere.

Thanks to Shawn Macomber for the interview.

An absurd amount of INTEGRITY news and updates

Aug 19 2013

It’s been a gigantic day for news surrounding the INTEGRITY camp. Let’s get right to it…

FIRST: INTEGRITY‘s legendary 1993 lineup (Dwid Hellion, Aaron Melnick, Leon Melnick, Chris Smith, and Mark Konopka) will be reuniting for a special headlining appearance at A389 Recordings’ X Bash, going down this January 17-19 in Baltimore, Maryland. This will be the first time this lineup has appeared on stage together in 20 years. Keep it tuned to A389 for ticket availability.

SECOND: Magic Bullet Records is excited to announce that we will be issuing the official CD and digital versions of Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix) on Black Friday, November 29, 2013. Our friends at Organized Crime Records will continue to handle the LP version.

THIRD: NEW EXCLUSIVE COLOR of Suicide Black Snake LP is now available in the webstore. It’s called “Thee Red Fury” and you can grab a copy here.

FOURTH: Check out this awesome interview Dwid recently gave to MTV Hive.

FIFTH: INTEGRITY is wrapping up their final week of EU summer dates. Be sure to catch them in Germany, Norway, and Sweden if you can. Dates are posted here.

SIXTH: INTEGRITY-project PSYWARFARE will be issuing a split LP with ROT IN HELL on Magic Bullet Records, also on November 29, 2013.

SEVENTH: In anticipation of the craziness that will be the A389 X Bash, we encourage you to stream/view the Palm Sunday DVD online for free here.

INTEGRITY: European Leg Of Suicide Black Snake Tour Initiates This Week; Album Available For Free Download

Jul 26 2013

This week, the almighty INTEGRITY embarks on the second phase of their massive world tour in support of the sect’s tenth LP, Suicide Black Snake, released in June via A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet Records.

Following the North American tour in late May building up to the album’s release,INTEGRITY dominated Maryland Deathfest, stormed Chaos In Tejas and tore down a row of other cities across the continent, including the band’s first-ever Canadian shows. Continuing the band’s most intense tour schedule in years, this week the outfit gets ready to take their Suicide Black Snake endtime sermon to twenty-four European cities including performances at Vlamrock, Resurrection, Voice Of Art, Days Of Fury and Bunker Summer festivals. See the fully updated tour itinerary below.

An album that takes INTEGRITY’s roster to new levels of audio experimentation, Suicide Black Snake has surprised and intrigued both longtime fans and newly harvested souls, the ten-song LP integrating elements of Japanese hardcore, noise and even blues into some of the most extravagant divebomb-solos and crushing breakdowns in the band’s ongoing twenty-five year reign of iniquity.

For one week — from now through next Wednesday, July 31st — fans can download the entire Suicide Black Snake LP for FREE… GET IT HERE.

INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake European Tour:
7/26/2013 JZ St. Peter – Duisburg, Germany
7/27/2013 Vlamrock Festival – AS, Belgium
7/28/2013 Le Pub – Port, UK
7/29/2013 Wharf Chambers – Leeds, UK
7/30/2013 Fiber – Dublin, Ireland
7/31/2013 Trillians – Newcastle, UK
8/01/2013 Underworld – London, UK
8/02/2013 Resurrection Festival – Viveiro, Spain
8/03/2013 New Noise – Karlsruhe, Germany
8/04/2013 Le Ferrailleur – Nantes, France
8/05/2013 Le Saint Des Seins – Toulouse, France
8/06/2013 TBA – Bordeaux, France
8/07/2013 Le Korigan – Luynes/Aix en Provence, France
8/08/2013 Magnolia Club – Milano, Italy
8/09/2013 Freakout Club – Bologna, Italy w/ Hierophant
8/10/2013 Mostovna – Nova Goricia, Slovenia
8/16/2013 Voice Of Art Festival – Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany
8/17/2013 Days Of Fury Fest – Fredericia, Denmark
8/18/2013 Innocent – Hengelo, Netherlands w/ Cornered
8/19/2013 Bei Chez Heinz – Hannover, Germany
8/20/2013 Cassiopeia – Berlin, Germany
8/21/2013 Headcrash – Hamburg, Germany
8/22/2013 Bunker Festival – Oslo, Norway
8/23/2013 L’ Orient – Linkoping, Sweden


Now available: INTEGRITY “Suicide Black Snake” LP (Magic Bullet exclusive colors)

Jun 26 2013

Now in the webstore: INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake LP on Magic Bullet exclusive colors (in cooperation with A389 Recordings)!

The 10th studio album from the legendary INTEGRITY is an absolute monster in every sense and we’re  extremely happy to be offering it to you on super limited and exclusive colors to Magic Bullet’s mailorder customers. You can not find these in stores anywhere!

You can order now on:
• Black|Clear|White Vinyl
• Milky Clear Vinyl

Deluxe gatefold LP cover with spot UV treatments and an enormous 24″ x 36″ fold-out poster… truly a must-see/must-own.

Copies of the LP are available now in the webstore.

Canada|Mexico|World: please order from Dischord.

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