SWEET COBRA: “Complaints” song premiere now streaming at Lambgoat

Jul 16 2015

Sweet Cobra Earth Cover 12x12 300dpi“Complaints” is the second track premiere from SWEET COBRA‘s Earth album. Our friends at Lambgoat have been so kind as to run the exclusive feature and you can listen to it right here: http://lambgoat.com/features/258/Sweet-Cobra-Complaints-song-premiere

The digital version of Earth is out tomorrow and the CD/LP hits stores on Friday the 24th!

WAILIN STORMS “Shiver” EP now available digitally

Jul 06 2015

PrintNow available digitally worldwide: WAILIN STORMS Shiver EP.

Originally self-released on Bandcamp in 2014, Magic Bullet Records has reissued the album across all digital platforms leading into the fall release of One Foot in the Flesh Grave, the bands debut full-length album.

• To stream/download via Bandcamp: click here
• To download via iTunes: click here

HARMONIC CROSS: Debut LP From Experimental Collective Set For Magic Bullet Release; Track Streaming At No Clean Singing

Jul 01 2015

Indeed, indeed, Repentance oft before
I swore-but was I sober when I swore?
And then and then came Spring, and Rose-in-hand
My thread-bare Penitence a-pieces tore

Some dudes just can’t get enough of playing music together. Such is the case of Ryan Parrish, Graham Scala, and Brent Eyestone. In addition to comprising 3/4 of the short, fast, and loud kill unit Bleach Everything and 3/5 of heavy indie rockers Highness, the trio of friends comprises 100% of HARMONIC CROSS.

It is Finished. marks the debut album for HARMONIC CROSS, six songs that teeter more toward the ethereal and ambient while maintaining the rather specific and certain darkness that permeates the previous output of its members both collectively and off on their own. The album functions as a conceptual soundtrack to an actual, unexplained true crime event commonly referred to as “The Somerton Man” (also known as “The Taman Shud Case”).  In the case, an unidentified, well-dressed man is found dead along a seawall on Somerton beach in Adelaide, South Australia. A printed scrap of paper cut out from a book reading “tamam shud” (meaning “finished” in Persian) is found sewn into a hidden pocket of his pants. The book itself is later found and contains several hand-written ciphers. The Ciphers were never solved. The corpse was never identified. Even the book itself appears to be from an edition that has no record of ever being printed.

Each track on It is Finished. coincides with one of the five specific ciphers written into that copy of “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,” with the last track being dedicated to final meditation on the concept of “tamam shud”It is finished.” All artwork was drawn from crime scene photography surrounding the case.

Packaged in a gorgeous chipboard jacket with metallic inks, the album itself was tracked live and mixed by HARMONIC CROSS member Brent Eyestone and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (“Star Trek: Into the Darkness,” “The Walking Dead,” “House of Cards,” “Sons of Anarchy”).

No Clean Singing has unveiled the first audio of the debut from HARMONIC CROSS, issuing the LP’s second track, ”MLIAOI,” issuing with the exclusive premiere, “”MLIAOI” is minimalist, ambient music – voiceless and as mysterious as the events that inspired it. It seems to be the opening of a doorway to some corner of the cosmos in which those ciphers are still being whispered.”

Stream it now at THIS LOCATION.

Magic Bullet Records will issue It is Finished. digitally on July 17th, followed by a 12″ vinyl delivery on July 24th, with both green and black pressings for the first run. Physical and digital preorders will be posted in the coming days.

It is Finished. Track Listing:

For review copies of It is Finished. and coverage of HARMONIC CROSS contact dave@earsplitcompound.com.


MEATWOUND: Warning Shot From Debut LP By Florida Throbbing Hardcore Scuzz Outfit Fired Via Cvlt Nation; Addio Set For July Release Through Magic Bullet

Jul 01 2015


Alert the media: Florida Man has finally started a band as reckless and completely fucked as the headlines we’ve all come to know, love, and fear.

MEATWOUND is a band comprised of former members of Combatwoundedveteran, The Holy Mountain, Headless Dogs, Primate Research, and more. Impossibly dangerous and hardcore as shit, a thundering concoction of 1990s influences drive the MEATWOUND sound; a magnetic gutter wherein the pentatonic, industrialized elements of Fudge Tunnel and Godflesh meet a sordid death metal edge meshing Sepultura and Exit-13, all while a throbbing Big Black-style of hardcore punk gets a scuzzy sci-fi kick in the nuts that harkens The Locust. It’s beyond aggressive, it’s as unruly as a pet store on fire, and, like Warchild from “Point Break,” it’s here to fuck you up.

AddioMEATWOUND‘s debut, was recorded with Dan Byer at Rock Garden Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and features the twisted artwork of Chris Norris, aka Steak Mtn. The population takes first warning shot from Addio straight in the kisser this week as Cvlt Nation blasts forth the LP’s second track, “Funeral State,” offering how MEATWOUND, “brings a dirty death metal edge and a slew of 1990s influences to their brand of raging audio warfare, and will knock the top off your skull and leave you suffering from blunt force riff trauma!”

Unload MEATWOUND’s “Funeral State” via Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Magic Bullet Records will release MEATWOUND‘s grueling Addio digitally on July 17th followed by a CD pressing and both red and black 12″ vinyl LP on July 24th. Preorders for all formats will be available in the coming days, along with additional audio from the album, an official video and more.

Addio Track Listing:
1. In Toilet
2. Goliath
3. Funeral State
4. Hand Of God
5. Meat Pack
6. I Am Transgressor

MEATWOUND continues to slay live masses live, with several new shows booked for the coming weeks, including two shows supporting Black Tusk this week, and a gig in late August with Assholeparade, Palatka, Suppression and others. Additional and more widespread tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks, including a record release show for Addio in early August.

7/01/2015 New World Brewery – Tampa, FL w/ Black Tusk, Necrid, Spar [info]
7/02/2015 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL w/ Black Tusk, Bhavachakra, The Glorious Rebellion [info]
8/29/2015 The Wooly – Gainesville, FL w/ Assholeparade, Palatka, End Of The Century Party, Radon, Suppression, House Of Lightning, Dredge [info]

For review copies of Addio and coverage of MEATWOUND worldwide contact dave@earsplitcompound.com.


QUENTIN TARANTINO on BROTHER DEGE’s “Folk Songs of the American Longhair”

Jun 21 2015

Direct action … Quentin Tarantino on the set of Django Unchained.On July 10, Magic Bullet Records will be issuing BROTHER DEGE‘s Folk Songs of the American Longhair for the first time ever on vinyl format. Listeners will have their choice of either black or gold vinyl.

Originally released in 2010, Folk Songs of the American Longhair features the track “Too Old to Die Young,” which was handpicked by director Quentin Tarantino for use in his film Django Unchained. The director offered the following commentary toward the entire album:

Frankly, every track could have been in the movie. It works and has a badass score sound to it. Almost every song could be a theme song. It’s like a greatest hits album.

BROTHER DEGE is on tour now.

SWEET COBRA “Future Ghosts” video premiere live now at Noisey

Jun 21 2015

[photo by Nick Thieneman]

Having signed Chicago-based SWEET COBRA for their anxiously awaited new studio album, Earth, Magic Bullet Records is now preparing the LP for release in July, as the first single is made publicly available through a video of “Future Ghosts” via an exclusive premiere at Noisey.

SWEET COBRA’s first full-length recording since their lauded 2010-released Mercy, the thundering Earth was recorded and produced by Matt Talbot of Hum and Kurt Ballou of Converge at Talbot’s Earth Analog Studios in Illinois, mixed by Ballou at his Godcity Studio in Massachusetts, and mastered by Carl Saff. Additionally, both Ballou and Talbot make guest appearances on the album. Earth shows the band hungrier than ever, with the trusted and infectious ferocity fans will expect as well as a slick, more accessible approach. There’s no rough edges; no jarring moments. From the first note to the conclusion of the twelve-song bang-ouevre, there is crystal clear purpose and cohesiveness throughout. It has the confidence and catchiness of the heavier moments of Queens Of The Stone Age with the drive of The Jesus Lizard. It has the surge and wallop of Quicksand while delving into far more diverse sonic territories. The pairing of Talbot and Ballou as co-producers has truly yielded a stunning, classic heavy album for the ages.

The bizarre official video for first single from Earth, “Future Ghosts” was directed and animated by Katie Kapuza with assistance from Molly Mccandleuss and props and masks created by Christine Ciarleglio. Showcasing not only the crushing and vibrant tones of their new LP, the video also brings out the imaginative and amusing angles of the SWEET COBRAtrio. The write-up accompanying the premiere at Noisey issues in part, “Their video for lead single ‘Future Ghosts’ finds the Chicago trio deviating from their earlier permutations of d-beat, sludge metal, and hardcore. As if tipping their hat to the city that’s nurtured them, the song takes on elements of other staunchly uncompromising Chicagoans—the sardonic middle-finger of Jesus Lizard, the bottomfeeder throb of early Pelican, the call-to-arms drive of Naked Raygun..”

Break out SWEET COBRA’s “Future Ghosts” video through Noisey at THIS LOCATION.

Magic Bullet Records will issue Earth on digital formats July 17th, and on LP and CD July 24th. Digital preorders are live HERE and physical preorders will be posted in the coming days.

Earth Track Listing:
1. Far Too Temp
2. Future Ghosts
3. He Tall He
4. Complaints
5. Flight Risk
6. Sunburned Sons
7. Repo
8. Stiff Fits
9. Blue Rose
10. Jealous of Drugs
11. Old Haunts
12. Walls

WAILIN STORMS “Shiver” now available via Bandcamp

May 15 2015

PrintShiver is the second EP recorded by North Carolina’s WAILIN STORMS. It was self-released in 2014 and marks the shift from Bone Colored Moon (the band’s 2012 EP) toward the distinctive haunts and howls perfected on 2015′s One Foot in the Flesh Grave, the band’s debut full length. This is the sound of a band hitting an epiphany and unquestionably coming into its own.

With the signing of WAILIN STORMS to Magic Bullet Records for the release of One Foot in the Flesh Grave, the label is also proud to offer the band’s back catalog in digital format.

Shiver can now be streamed and purchased via the Magic Bullet Records Bandcamp page.

WAILIN STORMS “Bone Colored Moon” now available via Bandcamp

May 15 2015

wailin storms-bone colored moon ep_5x5Bone Colored Moon is the first EP recorded by North Carolina’s WAILIN STORMS. It was self-released in 2012 and showcases some of the early rudiments in Justin Storms’ songwriting that would eventually spark the distinctive haunts and howls of the band’s second EP (Shiver) and their debut full length album (One Foot in the Flesh Grave).

With the signing of WAILIN STORMS to Magic Bullet Records for the release of One Foot in the Flesh Grave, the label is also proud to offer the band’s back catalog in digital format.

Bone Colored Moon can now be streamed and purchased via the Magic Bullet Records Bandcamp page.

IDES OF GEMINI Unveil Chilling New Video For “Strange Fruit” Cover Via Revolver Magazine

May 09 2015

Los Angeles’ IDES OF GEMINI released the brand new and exclusive Carthage/Strange Fruit 7″ via Magic Bullet Records last month in honor of Record Store Day.

Side A begins with the lingering resonances of “Carthage.” Commencing with the doomy, acoustic summoning of souls of a barren world, the band goes full tilt into their eclectic brand of overdriven power and command, charging onward and upward through forest and sky, dragging the doomed, sorrowful carcass of humanity itself into light. Side B offers up one of the most stunning and emotionally stirring covers of “Strange Fruit” ever put to tape. Written as a poem by Abel Meeropol in 1937, and set to music famously by Billie Holiday in 1939, the song stems from Meeropol’s original protest piece against the racial lynchings that marred the early 20th century in America. It has been covered many times over since – including versions by Nina Simone, Lou Rawls, Annie Lennox, Jeff Buckley, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Diana Ross, Tori Amos, and countless others. IDES OF GEMINI dug deep on this one, perfecting a uniquely somber and haunting arrangement the poem/song has simply never seen.

In celebration of this moving piece of history, the band has crafted a haunting visual accompaniment to their reinterpretation of the tune. The solemn video was directed by singer/bassist Sera Timms, also of West Coast dark-psych unit Black Mare, who elaborates, “The first time I ever heard ‘Strange Fruit,’ I was immediately taken by the powerful imagery in the lyrics before I even knew the historical implications of them. Though this song was written as a protest against racism, it seems to me to conjure a deep mournfulness for the violent atrocities that all people continue to commit against one another, with racism being a very potent example…sadly more so today than ever.”

View the poignant clip, hosted by Revolver Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.


May 08 2015

[photo by Mark Maya]We’d like to formally welcome North-Carolina-by-Texas’ WAILIN’ STORMS to Magic Bullet Records.

Please stay tuned for the full length debut One Foot in the Flesh Grave, out this summer. Sounds: soon…

ZEX: Thirty-Eight-City US Invasion By Ottawa Punks Begins Today

May 06 2015

In support of their debut LP, Fight For Yourself, Ottawa, Ontario-based punk outfit ZEXbegins their most extensive American tour yet, as the US Invasion gets underway today.

With a Fall 2014 tour of Canada, and the Wanderlust Tour through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand in February and March, ZEX now brings their new anthems to fans across the US with the nearly forty-city US Invasion. Beginning tonight, Tuesday, May 5th in Albany, New York, the trek will trample its way across most of the US, including one show in Mexico, until wrapping-up in Buffalo, New York on June 13th. ZEX will also be bearing their brand new 7” single called “Fear No Man” on the tour.

Fight For Yourself is out now worldwide via Magic Bullet Records on all digital platforms, slipcase CD and now with both black and clear pressings 12” wax. Physical copies of Fight For Yourself can be obtained via Magic Bullet Records HERE, and the digital HERE.

Catch up on the band’s heavy propaganda campaign in support of Fight For Yourself with their official video for “Wanderlust” at THIS LOCATION, “Fight For Yourself” HERE, “Savage City” HERE, and the band’s recent tribute to fallen friend/drummer Vassil Mester RIGHT HERE.

Channeling traditional heavy metal leads into their classic early punk rock approach, ZEX’s Fight For Yourself drops ten insatiably infectious and fully unruly anthems, the album recorded at Meatlocker Studio with Paul Yogi Granger in Ottawa and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland. With a solid fanbase and buzz already going for them due to heavy widespread touring and a diehard worth ethic, the band independently released Fight For Yourself in Canada, which caught the attention of Magic Bullet Records, who officially re-released Fight For Yourself with proper distribution to the international masses.

ZEX US Invasion:

5/05/2015 Low Beat – Albany, NY [info]
5/06/2015 Hotel Vernon, Worcester, MA [info]
5/07/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA [info]
5/08/2015 Barclay House – Baltimore, MD [info]
5/09/2015 Plaza Del Sol – Norfolk, VA
5/10/2015 Nice Price Books – Raleigh, NC [info]
5/12/2015 Uncle Lou’s – Orlando, FL [info]
5/13/2015 A-Space – Gainesville, FL [info]
5/14/2015 529 – Atlanta, GA [info]
5/15/2015 Betty’s Grill – Nashville, TN [info]
5/16/2015 Mono – Birmingham, AL [info]
5/17/2015 Sluggo’s – Pensacola, FL [info]
5/18/2015 Spitfire – New Orleans, LA [info]
5/19/2015 Black Barbie – Houston, TX [info]
5/20/2015 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX
5/21/2015 TBA – Austin, TX
5/22/2015 Padaneria Chitchen-Itza – Dallas, TX [info]
5/23/2015 Sound Pony – Tulsa, OK [info]
5/24/2015 TBA – Oklahoma City, OK
5/26/2015 Gary’s Place – Tucson, AZ [info]
5/27/2015 Time Out Lounge – Phoenix, AZ [info]
5/28/2015 Mods – Tijuana, MX [info]
5/29/2015 Tower Bar – San Diego, CA
5/30/2015 Blacklight District – Long Beach, CA [info]
5/31/2015 American Legion – Baldwin Park, CA (early show) [info]
5/31/2015 East 7th – Las Angeles, CA (late show)
6/01/2015 East Side Joes – Las Vegas, NV
6/02/2015 Music Garage – Salt Lake City, UT [info]
6/04/2015 East Wing – Kansas City, MO [info]
6/05/2015 Hideout – Omaha, NE [info]
6/06/2015 Riverboat House – Minneapolis, MN [info]
6/07/2015 Wisco – Madison, WI
6/08/2015 Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI [info]
6/09/2015 2040 – Chicago, IL [info]
6/10/2015 Last House On The Left – Cincinnati, OH [info]
6/11/2015 Rock Room – Pittsburgh, PA
6/12/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
6/13/2015 BBQ – Buffalo, NY


Now in the webstore: BOSS KONG “The Humans Soundtrack Volume II” 7″ on gold vinyl!

May 05 2015

mbl173Now in the webstore: BOSS KONG The Humans Soundtrack Volume II  7″ on gold vinyl.

These are one-time-only, insanely limited edition pressings of a special  7″ from Bakersfield, California’s BOSS KONG  for Record Store Day 2015. The band performs exclusive, brand new material for this release as a tie-in/crossover with Image Comics.

More information on this release is available here.

You can order now on:
• Limited Gold vinyl

This single features two songs:
01. Ride to Die
02. Viet Kong

Whenever possible, please support your local record store by obtaining this record in person. And, if that’s not possible:

• United States: copies of the LP are available now in the webstore.
• Canada/World: copies of the LP are available now from Dischord Direct.
• Stores/Distributors: please get your copies from Cobraside Distribution.

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