PERSEKUTOR “Power Frost” EP streaming in full at Cvlt Nation

Dec 10 2013

mbl164-iodaPERSEKUTOR Power Frost 7″ single is now streaming in full, courtesy of our friends at Cvlt Nation!

It’s a bit surreal that, after seven years of prolonged legal battles in Europe, the band is finally able to be heard by the general public at large. But here it is, in its full nihilistic glory:

BEASTMILK “Climax” full-album streams up at NME and Revolver

Dec 10 2013

mbl166After an insanely positive press cycle routinely heralding the album as one of the tops of the year, BEASTMILK Climax saw official release on November 29, 2013.

It’s been an absolute delight and pleasure to watch everything unfold how it has and we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to all early adopters of this album for the overwhelming support and championing that’s been going on out there.

In the event you’ve still yet to hear the band and/or the album, it’s easier than ever at this point. Our friends at Revolver and NME are both streaming Climax in its entirety. Hear it in full here:

NME stream

INTEGRITY “Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix)” full album stream and interview up at Invisible Oranges/Brooklyn Vegan

Nov 27 2013

mbl161The great folks over at Invisible Oranges and Brooklyn Vegan have been so kind as to host a full-album stream of INTEGRITY‘s Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix) and interview band members Dwid Hellion and Aaron Melnick.

Click here to start moshing.

Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix) is in stores everywhere on Friday.

MUTOID MAN full-album stream, interviews, and more!

Nov 27 2013

11183_JKTWe’re a few days away from the highly-anticipated release of Stephen Brodsky and Ben Koller’s MUTOID MAN Helium Head debut album. As a special bonus for people paying attention, the entire thing can be previewed/streamed NOW, courtesy of our friends at Lambgoat:


Other recent press of note:

Exclaim interview with Stephen Brodsky: here
• Graham Scala’s in-depth review of Helium Head at RVA Maghere
Brooklyn Vegan coverage of entire album and release show: here
Echoes and Dust delves deep: here
The PRP is all about it: here

BEASTMILK “Love in a Cold World” is Insound’s “Mp3 of the Week” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Nov 20 2013

mbl166BEASTMILK “Love in a Cold World” (from the upcoming Climax album) has been selected as Insound’s “Mp3 of the Week.”

What does that mean? Well, for starters, you can download or stream the song for FREE over the Insound site right now! Further, you can spread the word on the band quite easily via the Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest buttons located at:


In-depth, candid interview with Stephen Brodsky of MUTOID MAIN | CAVE IN posted at Zegema Beach

Nov 20 2013

interviewYou should really set aside the time to read this comprehensive, 38-question interview with Stephen Brodsky of MUTOID MAN and CAVE IN over at the Zegema Beach blog.

In it, Steve adresses a ton of the questions and speculation surrounding CAVE IN throughout their career and shares a lot of information that we previously haven’t seen in interviews from earlier eras of his time playing music.

Without question, Steve is one of the most talented and brilliant individuals we’ve ever worked with at Magic Bullet and it’s an honor to continue releasing his music out into the wild.

Check out the whole thing here.

MUTOID MAN premiere “Scavengers” at NOISEY | VICE

Nov 13 2013

1mutoidnoisey“Scavengers” is the latest track premiere from MUTOID MAN‘s upcoming Helium Head debut album.

Thanks to the helpful folks over at Noisey and Vice, you can now stream the song in its entirety here:

In addition to the tune, you can also read a fun interview with guitarist and vocalist Steve Brodsky.

Helium Head hits stores November 29, 2013 and we couldn’t be more excited.

BEASTMILK premiere “Death Reflects Us” video at NOISEY | VICE

Nov 13 2013

1vicebeast“Death Reflects Us” is the newest song premiere from the forthcoming BEASTMILK Climax album. This time around, it’s not just audio, as director Ville Hakonen has put together a special video for the song!

Rife with fluids, performance, and a great VCR aesthetic, the video is live now over at Noisey|Vice.

You can check it out here:

Climax sees release November 29, 2013.

BEASTMILK’s Goatspeed issues Fallout Party Mixtape ’13 at Cult Nation

Nov 12 2013

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 7.51.40 AMMeet Goatspeed.

He plays guitar in BEASTMILK.

He dances.

He parties.

Sometimes he shaves a little.

Do you want to know what it’s like to party at the end of the world with Goatspeed?

Download his Fallout Party Mixtape ’13 over at Cult Nation and get a glimpse.

Climax, the debut album from BEASTMILK, hits stores November 29, 2013.

Now in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Live in Reykjavik, Iceland” 3xLP

Nov 05 2013

mbl160-1Now in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Live in Reykjavik, Iceland 3xLP as a complete set of white, black, and grey vinyl.

Live in Reykjavik, Iceland features the entire, 11-song, 85 minute set from the band’s performance at Harpa Concert Hall, engineered by Finnur Hákonarson, mixed by Alex Bhore and Charlie Vela, and mastered by Alan Douches. The packaging was entirely illustrated and designed by band member Christopher Royal King. More information on the release is available here.

You can order now on:
• White/Black/Grey vinyl set

Whenever possible, please support your local record store by obtaining this record in person. And, if that’s not possible:

• United States: copies of the LP are available now in the webstore.

• Canada/World: copies of the 3xLP are available now from Dischord Direct.

Now in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU | LYMBYC SYSTYM “Field Studies” split colors

Nov 05 2013

mbl110-1blkorange mbl110-redorangeNow in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU & LYMBYC SYSTYM Field Studies split LP on special two-tone vinyl colors.

This is the most recent pressing of the 2009 split album between two of the greatest contemporary instrumental bands on the scene. Recorded by John Congleton, mastered by Alan Douches, and with a layout by band members Christopher Royal King and Jared Bell, we’re honored to keep this one in print as demand continues to grow for both bands.

You can order now on:
• Orange/Black two-tone vinyl
• Red/Orange two-tone vinyl

If possible, please support your local record store by obtaining these records in person. And, if that’s not possible:

• United States: copies of the LP are available now in the webstore.

• Canada/World: copies of the LP are available now from Dischord Direct.

BEASTMILK premiere “Fear Your Mind” on Stereogum + other news

Nov 05 2013

beastmilk-fearIt’s been a complete whirlwind of activity since announcing the signing of Finland’s BEASTMILK a few weeks back. In short, we have never experienced so much excitement, anticipation, and critical excitement for any debut album in the history of the label.

Recently, we premiered “Fear Your Mind,” the second song premiere from the forthcoming Climax album, over at Stereogum. You can stream the entire song here.

Vocalist Kvohst shares the following insight into the theme of the song:

“Fear Your Mind” is about assassination fixation, our mass hybristophilia and the abstraction of the term “evil.” The title alludes to something we all need to face, ie our natural instincts, deepest fears and desires. The whole album is about how we face death and the end. Through murder we know ourselves and we learn to face ourselves. I am making a point about our social inability to accept that part of ourselves that is present in the Manson cult and killers like Pekka-Erik Auvinen. My mixing of dates and years there is meant to make the point that time is irrelevant. The victims and their families never forget, no matter how hard society tries to abstract the most heinous of crimes. They will always be recent on a personal level. Death is how we relate to History and how we place ourselves into that history. It’s how we learn to be human. These murders repeat themselves and will continue to repeat themselves for all time. We cannot escape who we are. We simply have to live with it and learn to live in fear of our own minds.

Additional BEASTMILK news to pass along:

• The band will be playing their record release show in Helsinki, Finland on December 5, 2013. Tickets can be purchased here.

Crave Online‘s Iann Robinson recently wrote an article/review on Climax, proclaiming:

Beastmilk has entered the battle for my top album of 2013 with a machete. An astonishing debut.

Q Magazine made “Love in a Cold World” one of “Five Songs to Hear This Week.”

AAA Music has also heaped extraordinary praise on the band with observations like:

This album proves to be a very relevant rallying-call that can cross the divide between music fans, allowing metal expression into the post-punk psyche. If Ian Curtis had not departed this world prematurely, this is what Joy Division may have developed into. If they had gone on past 1979 we would have seen a mastering of the dark vocal energies with instrumental intricacies in a more clear-sighted and robust package.

Gigslutz gushes:

Its eye-catching sound and taste is something that hasn’t been captured so specifically for a long time. It’s big, and it’s only going to get bigger.

Ripple Rock Radio Show declares Climax “album of the year.”

BEASTMILK has confirmed an April 10 appearance at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands.

• The band recently performed at Live Evil, the festival curated by DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz. As some will recall, BEASTMILK was a recipient of Fenriz’s “Band of the Week” honor back in 2012.

• An amazing set of photos from a recent gig at Nasturi have been posted over at Death Illustrated.

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