Now in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU S/T 2xLP (BAJILLIONTH PRESS – I’ve literally lost count at this point).

On the heels of “The Mighty Rio Grande” being featured throughout and closing out the “Best Picture” montage at the Oscars this year, you might suspect that we might have experienced a spike in sales.

That would be putting it lightly.

Within 24 hours of broadcast, every single copy of S/T was sold out from both us and our distributors worldwide. Emergency represses of both formats had to be implemented immediately. CD’s were back in circulation within a week of the show and now a fresh shipment of the vinyl is upon us.

While most of this pressing was sent over to our distributors for retail, we’ve held onto a good amount to take care of direct-from-label mailorder demand. So if you’ve been waiting to order since the big show, thanks for your patience.

Colors for this pressing include (top to bottom):
• Grape Taffy & French Mustard
• Grey/Pink
• Cherry Taffy & French Mustard

You’ll have to guess on whether one edition is rarer than the other. We will not answer any email messages concerning “pressing info,” so please don’t bother. If you like a color combination, get it. If you don’t like a color combination, don’t get it… simple.

Either way, given how fast every pressing of this album tends to sell, and given how many new fans have gotten into the band post-Moneyball and post-Oscars, be sure not to sleep on this pressing if you were thinking about picking up a copy.

To order this 2xLP, head on over to the webstore.

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