Now in the webstore: yet another THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Young Mountain LP repress.

This time around, we went with a white stock and PMS 872 metallic gold LV cover. Each copy is hand-scored and then a gold/black sticker gets slapped on the back with track names and album info. Very similar to the brown/gold LV cover from last time.

There ended up being five different vinyl colors (top to bottom):


Notes and disclaimers:

Don’t bother e-mailing us asking about “pressing info” or any of that nonsense. We’ll either ignore your message completely or send you a virus or a picture of one of our deceased grandmothers’ bushes. At some point, we might release the breakdown, but it’s more fun when you just buy the color you actually like the most and get on with some semblance of a life. If you don’t dig that vibe, go back to protecting and archiving your rare comic books or Beanie Babies or whatever.

The music is still awesome on this newest pressing, by the way. We’re also tossing in a free digital download coupon in every copy. Weee.


Just because this record comes with a free download of the record and you have digital files on your computer, that DOES NOT grant your entitled ass permission to sync it to any of your nutjob recruitment or “praise” or whatever videos. We don’t care if it’s “just for YouTube” or if you’re taking out national spots: neither This Will Destroy You or Magic Bullet Records endorses, supports, or grants ANY religious organization, project, or person the right to use any of our music anywhere ever at any time. Don’t do it.

We also despise your whole “thing.” Please despise us. Please don’t support us. We are simply not for you.

There’s just been a rash of religious nonsense organizations stealing the music of THIS WILL DESTROY YOU without permission in recent months and we’re beyond sick of it. KNOCK. THAT. SHIT. OFF. The irony is of course that we’ve never ever ever ever had a “secular” entity steal the music. Just “you people.” Go away and leave us alone.

That being said, to order this LP, head on over to the webstore.

Thanks a bunch.