In a surprise moment that truly bowled over the band and label alike, the producers of the 84th Annual Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) edited and cued the entire “Best Picture” nominee montage (essentially, the climax of the show) to “The Mighty Rio Grande,” from THIS WILL DESTROY YOU‘s S/T album. Prior to broadcast, we were aware that the music would be used in conjunction with any wins and specific coverage of Moneyball (the song appears five times in the film and in the official trailer), but none of us had any clue that the entire show would climax and close out to the song.

While it would be far more hip to put forth an air that we didn’t care about such a big, “stupid industry” award show, the fact of the matter is that the band, label, and everyone involved with that song and album were touched and blown away to see the song utilized in such a surreal and special moment that was shared with many people all around the world. Thanks to all involved with the production of the show and thanks to everyone who tuned in and had such nice things to say.

For those that missed it, here’s an archive clip we found on the web. Skip ahead to ~15:50. Tom Cruise introduces the piece, the music hits, and then last the duration of  the nominee feature. Enjoy:
THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “The Mighty Rio Grande” featured on the 84th Annual Oscars show