Now in the webstore : THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Young Mountain LP : special, limited BLACK POLLEN edition.

While sorting through the latest repress of Young Mountain, I found a special “strain” within the batch that was insanely cool. I separated all of them from the rest of the colors and ended up with a limited amount that I’m calling the BLACK POLLEN edition.

These particular records are rather sinister looking. To the naked eye, they appear largely black, with bursts of what seems like yellow “pollen” throughout. The patterns are all over the place and each is unique to itself… BUT, when held to the light, a whole new presentation emerges, as what was once black now turns an almost deep gold… and other colors and patterns begin to present themselves. There’s a lot going on with these…

In keeping with the dark theme, I repackaged all of these with black dust sleeves (as opposed to standard white). They come with the white ink/kraft stock variant cover and an Mp3 download of the entire album.

Quantities are extremely limited!

Available in the webstore. Act now or forever hold your peace.