Our favorite Italians are coming over in March and could use your help.

Earlier in the year, we released A  Sailor Lost Around the Earth by VALERIAN SWING. Since then, they’ve been hitting their home country and Europe at large extremely hard with shows, tours, and festivals galore. Encouraged by the support and response abroad, they’re hoping that American audiences will appreciate their frenetic brand of loud and energetic sonic explorations.

If you book shows anywhere from NYC down the southern East Coast and then from the Southeast out to Austin, the band could use help with their itinerary. Please see the list below and drop them a line at valerianswingbooking@gmail.com with ideas.

You can check out a track from the album over on their profile in the “Bands” section of this site. And here’s some of our favorite live clips of them from around the web:

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMtctIqu3Ww

M 5th March ____ arrive in NY at 1:55 pm (show in NY or day off)
T 6th March ____ New York, NY or nearby
W 7th March ____ Philadelphia, PA
T 8th March ____ Maryland or DC
F 9th March ____ Fredericksburg, VA or RVA
S 10th March ____ Virginia or North Carolina
S 11th March ____ Athens/Atlanta, Georgia
M 12th March ____Birmingham, Alabama
T 13th March ____ Mississippi/south Arkansas
W 14th March ____New Orleans, Lousiana
T 15th March ____ SXSW or Lousiana/Texas
F 16th March ____ SXSW
S 17th March ____ SXSW
S 18th March ____ SXSW
M 19th March ____ Day off
T 20th March ____ Flight Austin-NY at 6am____Flight NY- ITALY at 8pm