As we continue to celebrate the 15th year of Magic Bullet Records, it’s time to reveal another awesome twist.

As many in the listening audience will recall, the first ever record released on the label was BOY SETS FIRE‘s This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice is Being Born back in 1997. Fast forward to 2012 and BSF singer Nathan Gray has brought his new band into the fold; a six-headed monster of sound that has been christened I AM HERESY. What makes this news truly unique is that it officially marks the first time second-generation family members will be releasing music on Magic Bullet, as two of the guitar players in I AM HERESY are Nathan’s son, Simon Gray, and Simon’s dear friend Jonah Latshaw (yes, as in the son of BOY SETS FIRE‘s Joshua Latshaw). (Interestingly enough, it WON’T be the first time a father and son have played on a Magic Bullet release, as AUSTIN LUCAS has routinely incorporated the talents of his father Bob into his recordings.)

While we’re still trying to figure out the proper nomenclature in billing these bits of trivia (“from the members of members of BOY SETS FIRE?”), most important to note right now is: a.) the band’s music fucking rules, b.) they are about to enter the studio for their 6-song debut album with us, and c.) you can read more about I AM HERESY and listen to a demo of the song “Butchers” here.