We have posted a preview track from Semblance, the forthcoming 2xCD from Richmond, VA’s YEARS. The track is titled “Magnificence” – a title that is truth in advertising if we’ve ever heard it.  Absolutely gorgeous piece of music…  Check it out here.

You’ll remember YEARS from the split CD we issued with VENTOUX a couple years back.  That was but a taste.  This new mega-full length is the main course, the dessert, the coffee before the check, and the doggie bag that they fold up into that tight tin foil swan thing.  Oh yeah: it’s only one dude.  Ryan Parrish.  You’ve seen him play music before, be it with DARKEST HOUR, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, SUPPRESSION, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, and so on.  One of our favorite guys on the planet hands down.

Semblance hits stores everywhere November 10, 2010.  We’ll have copies well before then in the webstore.  Stay tuned, stay stoked on new music.