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In 2007, Magic Bullet Records released "Putting the Hammer Down," an 8-song declaration of intent from rising singer/songwriter AUSTIN LUCAS. While the overcrowded genre itself is certainly a hard-sell (especially when said singer/songwriter looks more like a crust punk than a warm & fuzzy coffee shop crooner), great music, lyrics, and vocals are never often ignored. Pile on a legitimate bluegrass/folk bloodline (yes, he is the son of Bob Lucas) behind the intentions, and 2007/2008 turned into quite the great journey for this Indiana native.

Starting with The Fest 6 in Gainesville, FL (an all-encapsulating annual punk festival that takes over the whole town), Austin's work ethic turned relentless both in North America and in Europe. Constantly touring both solo and with band, he was also able to collaborate on 2008's "Bristle Ridge," a brilliant album pairing Austin's talents alongside HOT WATER MUSIC's own CHUCK RAGAN. Having previously split a 7" over in Europe, the duo's bond and sheer inertia quickly snowballed into Austin agreeing to perform multiple dates on Chuck's inaugural Revival Tour, a 3-month trek that filled music halls and energized alt-country and folk fans the nation over. Holding his own alongside the likes of BEN NICHOLS (LUCERO), TIM BARRY (AVAIL), and TOM GABEL (AGAINST ME!), and KEVIN SECONDS (7 SECONDS), interest in AUSTIN LUCAS' music was at an all-time high and the year closed out with a defining solo performance at The Fest 7 before several hundred attentive fans.

With so much attention being paid to the present, the times seem right to introduce a lost gem from the past. Recorded between 2004 and 2006, "The Common Cold" is 9 songs debuting and documenting the humble yet infectious origins of a man that has truly helped raise the bar for folk-punk every year since. Previously only available in Germany and sporadically in the states, 2009 marks renewed life and attention on the record that started it all. The astonishing 1-2 punch of the insanely memorable "Dead Factories" and "Darlin" sets the stage for a wonderfully-paced and tenderly-curated journey into the captivating world of AUSTIN LUCAS. Whether accompanied by stand-up bass, banjo, and pedal steel (see title track) or pure a capella (see "Cruel Brothers" duet with sister Chloe Manor), one thing is clear: AUSTIN LUCAS is a completely brilliant story-teller with the chops and the pipes to back it all up.

Take note: now that the "Hammer" was put down, it's time for fans new and old to get an incurable dose of "The Common Cold."

The Common ColdCD/LP - Catalog #MBL112
(CD/LP re-issued April 7, 2009)

Mp3: Dead Factories

Album press kit: MBL112

Putting The Hammer Down CD/LP - Catalog #MBL103
(CD issued 01/08/08, LP issued for Fall 2007 U.S. tour)

Mp3: Man Alive

Album press kit: MBL103

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