Magic Bullet Records
17 Argyle Hills Dr.
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

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Magic Bullet Records started in 1997 inside of a small apartment near the campus of Penn State University. From day one onward, the focus has been on providing forward-thinking and innovative musicians/artists with a cooperative, hands-on, DIY-rooted method of getting their music heard.

To support the label and all of the bands directly, please visit the store section of this website and pick up any of the dozens of releases we have to offer. We currently accept Credit Cards, Paypal, and traditional mailorder. Additionally, the majority of our catalog is available via the iTunes Music Store.


Magic Bullet Skateboards started in 2004 inside of a small skateshop near the campus of Mary Washington University. The focus has always been to provide the skateboarders of Fredericksburg, VA and the surrounding areas with affordable, DIY-centered deck options featuring the artwork of bands and musicians that we personally believe in. We also believe in supporting our local community through routinely staging free entertainment for area residents (video premieres, live music performances, art shows, contests, and more).


Magic Bullet Records, LLC
17 Argyle Hills Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
United States of America
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In the United Kingdom: • Exclusively distributed in the UK via Shellshock
In Europe (mainland): IndigoGreen HellE-Vinyl
In Canada: Sonic Unyon
In Japan: Disk Union
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NAME: Brent Eyestone
LOCATION: Fredericksburg, VA
POSITION: Director
CONTACT: e'mail

Top 10 Things/places I'm looking forward to being a part of this spring:
1.) SXSW: hanging with & seeing TWDY
2.) Fredericksburg "City..." DVD premiere
3.) Gothenborg, Sweden: my art opening
4.) Berlin, Germany: my art opening
5.) NYC: tour stop & UndeRadar hangout
6.) Norfolk "City..." DVD premiere/party
7.) Providence, RI tour stop, old friends
8.) Portland, ME tour stop & party times
9.) DC "City..." DVD premiere/show
10.) Newark, DE: tour stop, old friends

NAME: Daniel Bachman
NICKNAME: Endless Summer
LOCATION: Fredericksburg, VA
POSITION: Promotions, Artist Relations
CONTACT: e'mail

Top 10 Things About Andrew WK:
1.) Not just a party animal, but a party guerilla
2.) WK = "White Killer"
3.) "Slam John Against A Brick Wall"
4.) Face-melting guitar licks
5.) Upbeat piano breaks
6.) Steeve Mike
7.) That one sweat-stained shirt
8.) His "Party Hard" message
9.) Fighting for his cause that is undertaken for its own sake.
10.) "We Want Fun!"

NAME: Mark Eyestone
LOCATION: Fredericksburg, VA
POSITION: Team Manager - Magic Bullet Skateboards
CONTACT: e'mail

Top 10 Things About Life Right Now:
1.) Family life
2.) Getting married
3.) Banked walls, ground, and ledges
4.) Other peoples junk (skateboardable junk)
5.) Being nice to people
6.) Talking shit about people who aren't nice back
7.) Boston terriers
8.) Juiced and blended beverages
9.) Watching movies (but i need a new couch)
10.) Bombing hills and ducking cops

NAME: Nate Shumaker
POSITION: Promotions & Northern Lights Industries (More soon...)
CONTACT: e'mail

Top 10:
1. my fiance Ann.
2. Vaughan Oliver /v23 graphic design
3. The Frames "set list" (epitaph)
4. front row at Radiohead 2 weeks ago. (design work isn't thankless)
5. Band of Horses "everything all the time" (sub pop)
6. getting On Fire 4 new members.
7. Ira Bronson web design.
8. Bardo Pond new album.
9. Akimbo "everything"
10. Italy