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Myrtle Beach, SC

Adam Bomb
Michael Ray

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The sound of a tourist trap being held captive and peppered with precise blasts of incinerating death during peak season.

I'm Surprised He hasn't Killed Anyone CD - Catalog #MBL085
(CD issued 09/12/06)

Mp3: The Classic Who?

Album press kit: MBL085

split w/CONTROL CD - Catalog #MBL090
(CD issued 03/13/07)

Mp3: Doctor's Care 101

Album press kit: MBL090

MASSACRE OF THE UMBILICAL CORD : View all current dates on MySpace
May 26 2007 Thomasville, NC The Soundvent: DBDD Showcase with Seneca, Dr.Acula, Die As One, The Fire The Flood, and more...    
Jun 13 2007 Summerville, SC The Studio w/ Empty Your Grave, Salt The Wound, and Gutteral Engorgement    
Jun 14 2007 Thomasville, NC The Soundvent w/ And Since Forgotten    
Jun 15 2007 Forgotten Newbern, NC The Salty Dawg w/ And Since Forgotten    
Jun 16 2007 VA TBA    
Jun 17 2007 Suffolk, VA Twisters w/ And Since Forgotten, Attila, Then Came The Plague    
Jun 18 2007 VA TBA    
Jun 19 2007 Waynesboro, VA The Federal Building w/ And Since Forgotten and This Time It's War    
Jun 20 2007 Morgantown, WV 123 Club w/ And Since Forgotten, Rapture Cabaret    
Jun 21 2007 OH TBA    
Jun 22 2007 Wheeling, WV Yesterday's Draught House w/ And Since Forgotten, Rapture Cabaret    
Jun 23 2007 PA TBA    
Jun 24 2007 NY TBA    
Jun 25 2007 NY TBA    
Jun 26 2007 CT TBA    
Jun 27 2007 NY TBA    
Jun 28 2007 Pawtucket, RI 8:00P
KC's Tap w/ And Since Forgotten, Rapture Cabaret
Jun 29 2007 MD TBA    
Jun 30 2007 VA TBA    
Jul 2 2007 Lynchburg, VA Drowsy Poets w/ Rapture Cabaret    

MBL040: OLD MAN GLOOM "Seminar II" 2xLP. Currently in production - go read the blog here for info on how you can reserve a copy!

MBL093: LOSER LIFE "I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts" CD/LP. CD in stores and iTunes May 22, 2007. LP in stores July 24, 2007. Pre-order now.

MBL091: CITY BY THE BATTLEFIELD skateboarding DVD. In stores now.

MBL081-1: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU "Young Mountain" LP. In stores now.

MBL087: AUGHRA & MOSH PATROL "Is There Anyone Else Outside?" CD. In stores now!

MBL090: MASSACRE OF THE UMBILICAL CORD & CONTROL split CD. In stores March 13, 2007. Order now in webstore.