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Washington, DC

Jeff Dean
The Stone Dude
Sir Mike The Dude
Goodtime Garrity

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Nitro Tokyo plays a high octane brand of sleazy, sweaty, whiskey-soaked rock and roll. Rumored to contain members of bands such as Darkest Hour, Olympia, and Fairweather. We can neither confirm nor deny.

Nitro Tokyo/Rattler split CD - Catalog #MBL096
(CD issued 01/08/08)

Mp3: Stream via MySpace

Album press kit: MBL096

Hell Yeah CD - Catalog #MBL079
(CD issued 02/07/06)

Mp3: Fuel My Fire

Album press kit: N/A

It Came From The Hills Vol. 1 Compilation CD - Catalog #MBL080
(CD issued 02/28/06)

Mp3: N/A

Album press kit: N/A

NITRO TOKYO : View all current dates on MySpace

MBL040: OLD MAN GLOOM "Seminar II" 2xLP. Currently in production - go read the blog here for info on how you can reserve a copy!

MBL093: LOSER LIFE "I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts" CD/LP. CD in stores and iTunes May 22, 2007. LP in stores July 24, 2007. Pre-order now.

MBL091: CITY BY THE BATTLEFIELD skateboarding DVD. In stores now.

MBL081-1: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU "Young Mountain" LP. In stores now.

MBL087: AUGHRA & MOSH PATROL "Is There Anyone Else Outside?" CD. In stores now!

MBL090: MASSACRE OF THE UMBILICAL CORD & CONTROL split CD. In stores March 13, 2007. Order now in webstore.